Write the Book You Are Meant to Write

2016 has come and gone, and you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t write the book you said you were going to write.  Fear no more because 2017 is YOUR year where you finally write and publish the book that’s been brewing inside of you.

When you write and publish your book, you can:

  • Add more credibility as a PUBLISHED author
  • Get more invitations to appear in other short story collections and blog sites
  • Gain invitations to writing and speaking conferences
  • Create multiple streams of revenue from your book
  • Create several products around your book (i.e. Workshops, eCourses, et)

Writer’s Oracle brings you a seven-course series that will guide you through the idea of writing a book to creating your own book — written, crafted, and edited — by you.  The series will last approximately six weeks.

The 1st course begins April 25th, 2016.

In the “Write Whatever You LOVE Workshop”, you will learn how to:

  • Master the art of Social Media and leverage your people power to RAISE THE VISIBILITY of your book.
  • Identify the book ideas that work – an absolute must if you want to GENERATE CASH FLOW!
  • Develop your book with the use of a WELL-CRAFTED OUTLINE that takes minutes to create.
  • Fill your short, POWERFUL BOOK with amazing content with clarity and power.
  • Write, edit and format your book so it is READY FOR PUBLICATION.
  • Identify the BEST venue for publication — Professional publisher or independent avenues?
  • Develop a POWERFUL book launch strategy.

Registration $297


In addition to the 6 one-hour intensive online live courses, you will receive:

  • exclusive access to my private FB group for mentoring/guidance
  • instant connections to others so you can keep your focus and reach your writing goals
  • weekly activities so you remain connected to your writing and finishing your book
  • 3 SURPRISE BONUSES — Content rich information to help you succeed as an author!
    • Sneak peek for one of the bonuses – You will have access to:
      • a published author (traditional) 
      • a published author (independent) 
      • a marketing expert and social media expert 
      • a publisher 
      • an editor 

 Nuts and Bolts

Week 1: Social Media Mastery AND Identify Book Ideas That Work

  • Master Social Media to Work for YOU so you can leverage your knowledge and sell more books.
  • Identify the ingredients on creating a book idea that will sell.
  • Learn the effective strategies for creating, writing, and editing your book.
  • Guest appearance by Social Media and Marketing Expert –

Week 2: Develop Your Book with Specific Strategies

  • How to make research work for you
  • Create a “signature” book
  • Identify your niche/target audience so you are on course

Week 3: Fill Your Book with Powerful Content

  •  Identify which book “type” best suits your niche/needs
  • Copyright issues and how to avoid them
  • Plan your book with a laser focused outline — Chapter by Chapter
  • Guest appearance by published author –

Week 4: Publication Bound: Write, Edit, and Format Your Book

  • Writing Your Book
  • Editing Your Book
  • Formatting Your Book
  • Guest appearance by Professional Editor and Brand Expert —

Week 5: The In’s and Outs of Traditional and Indie Publishing

  • Identify which avenue works best for your book
  • Discover the world of Traditional Publishing – pros and cons
  • Discover the world of Indie Publishing – pros and cons
  • Guest appearance by a publisher

Week 6: Successful Book Launch 

  • Identify the steps needed before, during, and after your book launch
  • Generate buzz
  • Create content to promote your book
  • Learn how to sell your books BEFORE you get published
  • Guest appearance by a published author

Registration $297


Course Schedule and Times

April 25: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – Social Media Mastery AND Identify Book Ideas That Work

May 2: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – Develop Your Book with Specific Strategies

May 9: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – Fill Your Book with Powerful Content

May 16: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – Publication Bound: Write, Edit, and Format Your Book

May 23: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – The In’s and Outs of Traditional and Indie Publishing

May 31: 3 pm – 4 pm EST – Book Launch Creation

Registration $297



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