Melissa HalsteadChange your life with a book. Go from an unpublished writer to a published one. Get your work seen with dozens of other authors. Build your writing portfolio and gain massive credibility.

When you write and publish your book, you can make magic happen such as:

  • Add more credibility to yourself as a PUBLISHED author
  • Get more invitations to appear in other short story collections, blog sites, and more…
  • Gain you invitations to writing and speaking conferences because you have massive credibility
  • Create multiple streams of revenue from your book
  • Be part of an anthology – Showcase your work with other authors and increase your chance of being seen
  • Give you a lifelong skill so you know how to write a book that speaks your message over and over again
  • Create several products around your book such as an eCourse, a Workshop, and more…

Writing YOUR BOOK Opens Unlimited Doors For You.

Wanting to write a short story, or a book, or a memoir and getting published shows that world what you can do. You are a totally kick ass writer who CAN and WILL shine! Having a published piece of work opens the door to many more writing opportunities.

You just need that ONE chance to do this and THIS is it.

There is a way to write a short book or create an anthology and get massive credibility. All you need is that extra push to get you started and the rest is up to you. If you want to write one short story – you can do it. If you want to write many short stories or books – you can do it!

I show you how to brainstorm, use oracles, write, edit, and publish a piece that is right for you. When you write a book that is perfect for you – the result is beautiful: A generation of writing and speaking opportunities for you.

However, rather than give you a step-by-step how-to book, I provide nuggets of wisdom from my writing workshops because everyone has a different approach to the creative process from start to finish, my clients, and my experiences in my classroom with my students.  It is my belief that life is the best teacher.

Remember, not everyone is looking to compile an anthology or a short story, but rather they want to write a book that show cases their skills to boost their business.

When you connect yourself to your spirit the imagination pool for stories are infinite. – Melissa A.  Halstead

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