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Wow.  I am just spilling over with great gratitude and love for you!!!


Why?  It is such an honor to connect with you.  Wanting to connect with a loved one or wanting to know an answer to a troubling question is a personal process.  It is important to me that you find the peace you are looking for.

When  you come to the medium/tarot/scry session, you don’t need to do very much except for bring the question you have, an idea of the person you’d like to connect with, and some pictures.

Please note that sometimes the person you are wanting to connect with might not show up for various reasons: completing a spiritual mission, helping another soul, and more.  Oftentimes, a different person that has a more pressing message will step forward and I encourage my clients (YOU) to be open to the messages being brought forth.

Regarding pictures — keep them in a folder, or in something that does not allow me to see them.  I like to look at the pictures at the very end of the reading.  If you do not have any pictures — no worries.  It will not alter the reading in any way.

I work with tarot and oracles as the human mind sends images in rapid succession and oracles help me get a snapshot of the most relevant time.   

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What to do:

Please click HERE to use the following sheet to help you gain laser focus.  The clearer the energy is, the clearer the reading will be!

PayPal will alert me of any new transactions.  As soon as I get an email notice, I will send you a link to my TimeTrade so you can schedule  your session.  Please note that all appointments are booked two to three weeks out.

If you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, please check the Spam / Trash / Promotions folders in your inbox, just in case my email got filtered there by mistake.

Still don’t see anything? Please email me and I’ll get you all squared away. Thank you!

Tarot and Oracles help translate what is going lightning speed in your head into pictures. — Melissa Halstead


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