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Featured Guest: PRS Blogtalk Radio – Intuitive and Writing Coach Interview

Join host Nikki Williams on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 7 pm (Central Time) for this week’s Radio PRS. Our guest this week is multi-faceted intuitive and mentor Melissa Halstead. Blessed with a connection to spirit from a very young age, Melissa’s guides eventually led her on a path of not only reading for others, but helping many to find the message within them and express that message through writing.


KC Star (Sept 29, 2015) – eWomenNetwork to Promote Kansas City Businesswomen


In Plain Sight – Traffic Stop Trafficking (

My husband and I went through a small town on the way back from our destination.  The lights of the truck stop were bright and inviting.  Travelers flowed in and out of their vehicles.  Eighteen wheelers were nestled in the back parking lot.  Some truckers were already down for the night as the clock ticked off the seconds before approaching 1 o’clock in the morning.  In spite of the late hour, the place had a pulse.  It was a living, breathing place.  My husband and I went into the store, bought a few items and paid for gas.

On the way out of the store, a young woman approached us and asked if we would like to buy some perfume.  She rubbed her arms and glanced around, not really looking at us.  We politely declined.  She clung to us a bit yet still giving us space while she explained that she had a variety of perfume to offer.  Read more…

Shining at Book Readings: Speaking with Confidence (

The ability to speak well in public is a talent that will serve you throughout your writing career, for many reasons. Those who can do it are well-respected, admired, and more inclined to be asked for a return visit. It builds confidence, credibility, and gives you an opportunity to express yourself on many different levels. The ability to speak well is the most sought after skill in our society. Besides, the writing world needs more articulate spokespersons to wipe away the myth of writers not being as good in real life as they are on paper. Read more…

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