Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself

Introducing Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself ©

Watch as you instantly build a name for yourself, join your work with other great writers, get published, and get your work out all in a matter of 6 weeks!

Change your life with Write Short Stories and Make Name for Yourself. Go from an unpublished writer to a published one. Get your work seen with dozens of other authors. Build your writing portfolio and gain massive credibility.

In six virtual weeks, you can shift your status from an unpublished writer to a published writer.

When you write and publish your short story, you can make magic happen like:

  • Add more credibility to yourself as a PUBLISHED author
  • Get more invitations to appear in other short story collections
  • Gain you invitations to writing conferences because you have massive credibility
  • Create multiple streams of revenue from your short story contributions
  • Be part of an anthology – Showcase your work with other authors and increase your chance of being seen
  • Give you a lifelong skill so you know how to write a short story over and over again

Writing Short Stories Opens Unlimited Doors For You.


Wanting to write a short story and getting published shows that world what you can do. You are a totally kick ass writer who CAN and WILL shine! Having a published short story opens the door to many more writing opportunities.

You just need that ONE chance to do this and THIS is it.

There is a way to write short and get massive credibility. All you need is that extra push to get you started and the rest is up to you. If you want to write one short story – you can do it. If you want to write many short stories – you can do it!

I can show you how to brainstorm, use oracles, write, edit, and publish a short story that is right for you. When you write a short story that is perfect for you – the result is beautiful: A generation of writing and speaking opportunities for you.

When you connect yourself to your spirit the imagination pool for stories are infinite. – Meli Halstead

Here are the TOP SEVEN super cool reasons to Write a Short story and Make a Name for Yourself ©:

Visibility – When you write and publish that first story, people will know who you are. You will go from a “who is that person” to “You’re the author of X, Y, Z story”. How? You’ll be able to show case your work and have people read your stories. (I added the stories portion because you’ll end up writing more than one as they are super fun and easy to write.)

Lightning Speed Turn Around Time – Writing short stories do not take as long as a novel. So you can get as many short stories out as you can while working on your novel on the side. Nothing wrong with having a little play on the side – in a literary sense! Also, most short stories turn into novels later down the road. Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, and many other big name authors started out writing short.

Test the Waters – Want to know how the public will respond to your short story? Will it be a hit or a miss? Should you write that novel? Short stories allow you to get feedback from your audience. If the audience LOOOVVVEESSS it, then you might want to make that novel commitment. One specific example: Michael Davis had two shorts turned into novels – Final Solution and Touch of Blue. Another example: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

More Exposure – Many websites want to showcase your well-written short story. This means more eyes on your piece!

Be a Credible Expert – When you write a short story, people come to you for more information on that particular subject.

Yours and Theirs – Pull together several short stories from contributing authors along with your own and create an anthology.

Create Additional Revenue Streams – Use your short story to contribute to other short story collections, hold workshops, and more….

Being published paves the way for more writing opportunities = more exposure, more income, and more credibility.

This all sounds like rainbows and unicorns, but I’ve tried writing and I am so…

Consumed and Busy – We all live busy lives. Trying to balance work, family, and extra-curricular activities can be daunting. Who has time to write in the middle of all the noise? I understand. This is why I created this virtual program. I’ve been a virtual teacher – high school and college – for four years, so I know exactly what works and what does not work in the online world. Many of my students are working two jobs, raising children, and have this desire to make a name for themselves in the writing world.

Uncertain as to what to write about – You’ve tried to write a short story, but you haven’t quite figured out how it’s going to work. Many times, you’ve started and stopped. The ideas you’ve come up with do not feel as if they can hold up. Then, one day – a beautiful story idea pops in your head and you’re on FIRE! You get to writing and then your friend – doubt creeps in and whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

More times than not, the main obstacles are fear and doubt. Squash those and send them to oblivion – you can get back on your writing path. Seriously, once those are removed, you can move forward. Let me show you how!

Caught up on the small details – Do I want to write in the 1st POV or the 3rd? Is this a good place to start? How do I make a splashy ending that doesn’t come across hurried or cheesy? Is this a good word? Sentence? Paragraph? How do you know you are formatting the book properly for publication?

All of these details are enough to cripple, even paralyze a great writer. This does not have to be you any longer. Stomp out the fear and get your creative power back!

Scared to share any written pieces with anyone else – Oh gosh, the horrible memories of your neighbor laughing at you because you decided to participate in the neighborhood talent show. Everyone loved your performance, but one person made a snide remark. Or the teacher that told you to never, ever write a story again because you’re not that talented.

What’s even worse is that they are the ONE person made you promise to never share your work with others. It’s true – those people were jealous of your superstar power.

I’ve met those dream killers and I’ve put a few of them in their place. I’ll share the gory details in one of the meeting sessions we have together. The good news is that there are a few of those kinds and a HUNDRED more that are your biggest cheerleaders. Regain your self-esteem and be the writer you've fantasized about!

Terrified of the editing process – Or you're fed up editing and revising your work without any real feedback and you want to start understanding where your strengths are – so you can repeat those success!

I walk my writer's through the editing process and offer in-depth feedback that helps them grow as a writer. You'll learn the rationale as to "why" certain aspects work and elements of success.

Introducing the Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself Virtual Event

It is a 6 weeks Step-by-Step process. I’m with you virtually. From the comfort of where you are. I’ve been a virtual teacher for hundreds of students in the past four years. I know how nice and convenient it is to do things with a nice warm mug filled with your favorite drink along with your notes alongside your laptop. Let’s not forget the PJ’s!

For those of you who are familiar with my work, you know that I’m famous for challenges. I like to help my authors grow by leap and bounds.

The Intuitive Challenge

Before we continue this journey, I want you to center yourself and connect with your spirit guide. Ask what would being a published author mean to you? What does being a published author look like to you? While you are still centered, write down all of your emotions that you feel comes with being a published author. Allow yourself to be in the moment and remain connected with your spirit guide.

Publishing your short story – whether it’s a solo venture or part of a collection – enhances your credibility, making it easier for other opportunities come your way such as writing and speaking engagements.

Imagine getting an invitation from another author asking if it would be okay to include your short story as part of an upcoming anthology!

The Sky is the Limit.

The Sky is the Limit.

There is a way to write your short story – even if you don’t think you can.

You’ve read books on how to write a short story. You’ve submitted your piece, but it got rejected for whatever reason that you still don’t quite understand. You’ve asked your writing group to help, but you’re not getting quite the personalized attention you need.

It’s easy to learn how to write a short story from a “how to book”. That only works if you’re a type of person who thinks that way. But, not everyone thinks and learns that way. In the years ofteaching hundreds of students, there are those who want to be SHOWN how everything works.

You’re one of those who wants more. You want hands on action. You want someone to cheer you along as they show you the specific steps of short story writing from beginning to end.

I am that person. I am your teacher. I am your biggest cheerleader. I am your biggest fan.

I went into teaching because I LOVE what I do. I AM a literary cheerleader. I am your BIGGEST FAN!

Anything is possible! The world is your oyster and it is all yours.

Get Focused and Make a Name for Yourself!

Get Focused and Make a Name for Yourself!

Get completely FOCUSED with me for SIX ACTION packed weeks!!!

  • We kick off with providing you with an intensive short story building worksheet – one I created personally—to help my writers start out by getting really clear on what you're going to be writing about. Yes, we're going to nail your story idea at last!
  • Learn how to use oracles or tarot or even simple playing cards to outline your short story.
  • Every Thursday for six weeks we have a Workshop Intensive Training Call where I'll be teaching you how to create your first short story. We'll work out your story line and characters for 2015. Each of these calls are packed full of exercises for you to implement directly after each call.
  • Every Tuesday for six weeks we also have a Workshop Blitz Live Call. This is your chance to get laser coaching from me if you are stuck anywhere and need more clarification about how to apply what I'm teaching you to your own work and particular circumstances.
  • Each week you'll have access to additional video, audio and exercise you'll be expected to work through. This way we can spend our time together working on applying the strategies to YOU.
  • And of course you'll have access to a private workshops online member’s area so you can get support from the others working through the six weeks with you - and beyond!

But that's not all! How would you like some 1:1 coaching too?

I know some of you are looking for some 1:1 support to help give you that real boost to your progress, so we've even taken care of that.

Every single person will have the opportunity to apply for a 1:1 Strategy Session with me.

I know that those that implement get results. So to incentivize you to do just that, only those that show up, implement and do their homework on the Workshop will be considered for this very special bonus - you have to earn it! You must be 100% active and I KNOW you can do it.

(I want to do everything I can to ensure you get the best possible results from working with me in this way, and I'm prepared to use both the carrot and stick to get you there.)

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

Carol Burnett

Now I'm sure you probably have plenty of questions...

What if I want to write more than a short story? I DO have a lot to write about.

Fantastic! This is great news and if you feel as if you have more to write, by all means do not stop. Most submission guidelines are very specific about the accepted word count.

If you are an established writer with lots of sales and a strong fan base, the person who put out the call for submissions may be more than willing to allow the word count to exceed the standard short story count.

However, most writers, just getting the words written into a great short story is hard work and my goal is to show everyone one writing is not painful. You can have a lot of fun creating new worlds for others to read.

WARNING: Short story writing is extremely addictive. It’s hard to write just ONE.

You can compile all of your short stories into a book, so I encourage you to write as many as you can!

When is the Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself Virtual Workshop?

The workshop begins the week of January 19th, 2014. Once payment is received, you will receive immediate access to (1) The Short Story Roadmap Challenge, (2) Private Facebook Group, (3) The Nuts and Bolts of a Short Story. There, you'll have some preparation work to do to give you a flying start.

The Workshop Blitzes will be held on Tuesday @ 2 pm EST/1 pm CST and Workshop Intensives will be held on Thursday’s @ 2 pm EST/1 pm CST, starting the same week.

In between sessions, you'll have about two to three hours of homework to do each week in addition to the call, including videos to watch and implement, audios to listen to and questions to work through.

You will also have opportunities to collaborate with other writer’s via the Private Facebook Group.

Wow, that sounds like hard work!?

It is. It's an Intensive Workshop! 🙂 It's not for the faint hearted and for six weeks I will be working you harder than you've ever worked before. But I promise you it will be worth it.

After all, if it were easy, you'd already have written the short story and had it all polished, right?

Remember, once you've learned the system, you can apply it again and again - and it gets quicker and easier every time as you'll have the processes all in place.

Where is the Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself Workshop?

The beauty of it is you don't have to go anywhere. We meet online so you don't even have to spend the cost of a phone call as long as you have a headset and a microphone.

This also means I can record each of the sessions where I am training so that you have a step-by-step process to implement again and again.

What if I can't make some of the times?

Obviously attending the live calls will give you the best turbo-charge you could ask for, especially as you'll have the opportunity for laser coaching on the Workshop Blitzes.

However, there will be a recording of each live call if you've got something un-cancellable but you know you can commit some time each week to catch up.

What if I haven't worked out my story line yet? Can you really help me create a short story?

Yes, we'll nail that short story idea down in the first week of the workshop using a variety of tools -- don't worry! And if you're already clear about what you want to write about and to who, we'll spend those calls really tightening this up for you so you know exactly what areas you'll be working on for the duration of the Workshop.

I'm sure if I sat down for a week. I could plan a way to do everything you've just outlined - why would I sign up for this?

I know that for some of you, you love the idea of writing your short stories and you know exactly what you need to do AND YOU'RE ACTUALLY DOING IT (!!) and if that's you then read no further.

This is the great part about being a teacher for as long as I have – BONUS POINTS!!! Or in this case, BONUS FEATURES at the very end of the workshop.

I know from experience that even though most of you get the whole idea of creating a short story, writing a query letter (BONUS FEATURE), you just don't know how to implement the solutions effectively and you are stumped by the technology (BONUS FEATURE). You also have to contend with the crazy maze of marketing and selling your work (BONUS FEATURE).

Yes, that’s how much I LOVE you. Three BONUSES!

Listen, I know how hard it is to find the time to create content, learn about marketing and work out the technology you need to make it all happen and that's why I'm going to be holding your hand and helping you through the process one step at a time in an extremely focused way.

As it is a Workshop, I'm also going to be ordering you to do certain things in a certain timeframe in a very sergeant-major sort of way and holding you accountable for your actions at a very personal level. Once enrolled, you'll have no choice to fail to deliver - my job is to make sure of that!

80% of people want to write a book at one time or another in their life.

Why am I offering this to you?

Researching all this stuff and working out how to do everything I'm going to teach you is NOT what you were put on this planet to do. It IS however, what I was put here to do! I’ve been a teacher for 14 years and this is my passion.

Like I said before, my personal mission in 2014-2015 is to help as many writers as possible to write, finish, and market their short story. This is the most cost-effective way I could work out to get the information I have into your hands and into your writing.

Plus on a really personal level, when I've worked with writers in the past, we all had such good fun and I got a real buzz off the energy created by all of those taking part!

It is no use to keep private information which you can't show off.

- "An Author's Soldiering," 1887 (Mark Twain)

What you get:

  • Instant access to the pre-Workshop preparation modules so you can get started right now.
  • Access to the Writer's Oracle Roadmap to nail down your story that you're going to be working on for the entire duration.
  • An Oracle reading from me about your short story idea.
  • Six Workshop Intensive Training Calls where I will guide you through the individual steps required to create your short story or stories.
  • Six Workshop Blitz calls where I will be on hand to give you support if you get stuck or need inspiration
  • Videos, audios and templates to help you create a successful release of your short story or stories once we've created it
    Access to the private online networking area just for the Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself Writer’s
  • Workshop so you can find a buddy and get tremendous support from others
  • The opportunity of a 1:1 critique session with me as long as you do my absolute best to succeed on the Workshop

I believe one of the best ways to help others is to over-deliver. After all, I did learn something from my students in my 14 years of teaching!

Yes, I’m ready to become a published Short Story author!

Sign me up for the Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself Virtual Event. I understand will receive all the material described above, plus the three BONUSES, plus expertise and inspiration direct from you in the form of written resources, audio, video and live calls. I understand I’ll receive the opportunity to download all the documents and audio components so I can use these materials again and again to write and publish many short stories. If I can’t make it on the designated times, I will receive all the materials and can write the short story myself – I will have everything I need.

Workshop Start Date: January 20th 

Okay, this sounds SUPER cool and I want in on the PARTY!!!

Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself ©

One Payment of $297.00

Your transaction is guaranteed safe

**Payment must be made before the first meeting**

Space is limited as I want to keep the group small to maximize the experience. In my years of teaching, I find that small groups are the most successful. I look forward to working with you how to Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself.

Best wishes,

Meli Halstead


Seriously?!!! You’re still trying to decide if you should join in on the fun? The nerves and butterflies is a sign from the spirit that you want to take action and do this. Or you’ll be wishing you did when you see other authors get out and make a name for themselves. With Write Short and Make a Name for Yourself, you’ll be a published writer in six weeks.

Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself ©

One Payment of $297.00

Your transaction is guaranteed safe

**Payment must be made before the first meeting**

Space is limited as I want to keep the group small to maximize the experience. In my years of teaching, I find that small groups are the most successful. I look forward to working with you how to Write Short Stories and Make a Name for Yourself.

Who is Meli Halstead and Why Should You Listen to Her Anyways?

Meli Halstead grew up all over the world and has been a certified teacher in seven different states for over 14 years. She had the opportunity to meet many different people from a variety of cultures. Now she lives in Kansas City, where she helps writers go from unpublished to published and make a name for themselves.

Her personal goal is to help 1300 people become published short story writers in 2015.

Her method of success comes from the 14 years of teaching and working with hundreds of people. She believes in hands-on work coupled with tutorials and mentoring is the BEST recipe for success. Her main passion is to help people love what they do and become the very best they can be.

She wants to help you see your work in print. She wants to help you with your spiritual mission as a writer and get that message out to hundreds of other people. She wants you to have fun during your creative process!

Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who helps writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles. She has held several workshops to help writers get their thoughts into book form. For the past ten years, she has been a contest judge who has offered submitting writers in-depth feedback on their pieces. She has held several writing workshops: The Art of Digital Feedback, How to Write an Erotic Short Story, Move Your Story Along and more. She currently has a book that is being published that will be released in late January 2015. She has written, published, and edited several short stories as well as anthologies.

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