Free Resources

Free Resources

Over the years, in and out of the classroom, I have seen how giving people powerful and helpful resources has given them the necessary tools to step into the arena of success.  Grab a cup of coffee/tea, whip out your journal to take down some serious notes or to jot down some thoughts, and be prepared for an intense spirit-centered, brain enriching experience.

Everything you see below is my FREE gift to you so you can further your spiritual mission and keep your game tight!

First Impressions: Trust Your Spidey Senses.  As an intuitive, the “First Impressions: Trust Your Spidey-Sense” activities will allow you to strengthen your skill set and create a smoother journey so you can stop second guessing yourself and trusting yourself more.  As an entrepreneur, you are meeting so many new people, it’s important for you to go with your “spidey-sense” because the wrong choice can cost you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in revenue.  Click here to get started. 

Triple Dog Dare Challenge.  Learn how to build your business with Tarot as a guide.  Over the course of 78 Days you are offered snippets of how the specific tarot card can help you strengthen your business.  Additionally, there are some challenges presented to you so you can step up your game and get ahead of your competition.  Click here to get started.

Writer’s Oraclescopes.  Three days before the new month, I share with you some tips on how to make the most of the energies present in the upcoming month so you can navigate through your business and life like the champ you are.  Stay in the know here.

#ReflectEdu Weekly Twitter Chats.  Every Wednesday on Twitter @ 8 pm CST, we get together to take a look back on a specific topic in our lives, so we can all leap forwards into success.  Grow your brilliance, spirit and mission.  Check out the amazing deets here: #ReflectEdu.

As you see all this amazing FREE stuff at your fingertips for your intellectual mind, you’re still seeking answers for the burning questions that keep you awake at night.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Check out the services I offer here because it would be an honor to serve you.

Bright blessings,

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