First Impression Saturday: Trust Your Spidey-Sense

First Impression Saturday

Wherever you go, you rely on your spidey-sense to assess whether a person is trust-worthy, worth spending time with, worth investing your time in, and is who they say they are and more.  In the first few seconds, your brain tries to “read” the person and get a feel if they are in one of three categories: safe, proceed with caution, or dangerous.  Depending on your impressions, you will have one of three reactions:

  • green light: all systems are a go and there is nothing to fear.  In fact, give this amazing person a hug and allow them in your circle of trust.
  • yellow light: the energy being given off is not quite right and you can’t quite put your finger on it.  At this point, there is a disconnect and more information is needed about this person.  After you spend some time at the yellow light phase, more than likely — the person remains parked here with some fluctuations between green and red light.
  • red light: danger. Turn away. Don’t look back. Smile and graciously find a way to exit the conversation.

At any given time, you are always meeting people.  Some days, you stay in your house and meet no one in the physical sense, but you may spend time on social media and cross paths with people.  Other days, you are interacting with people in different ways and levels.  Despite the environment, what is true for you as a person, for each person you meet, you pick up on certain impressions.

It is those first impressions you initially receive about a person that will save you the time, money, and potential disasters.  As an intuitive, the “First Impressions: Trust Your Spidey-Sense” activities will allow you to strengthen your skill set and create a smoother journey so you can stop second guessing yourself and trusting yourself more.  As an entrepreneur, you are meeting so many new people, it’s important for you to go with your “spidey-sense” because the wrong choice can cost you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in revenue.

If you’re a skeptic due to whatever reasons based on your past experiences, no worries.  I invite you to try these activities in the privacy of your own space and see how it works out for you.  Usually the skepticism stems from going against your first impressions and having a situation blow up in your face.  You vow to listen to your gut from here on out, but then doubt creeps in and soon, you find yourself second-guessing your feelings/thoughts and you are further disconnected from your “spidey-sense”.

You might feel a little bold and want to take that chance to see what impressions you get from this activity.  Below you’ll see the date the hint was released and then the date the answer was released.  Click on “Hint’ first, write down your impressions and then click on “Answer” to see how well you did. 

Jan 13, 2018: Hint #1 | Jan 20, 2018: Answer #1

Jan 27, 2018: Hint #2 | Feb 3, 2018: Answer #2

Feb 10, 2018: Hint #3 | Feb 17, 2018: Answer #3

Feb 24, 2018: Hint #4 | Mar 3, 2018: Answer #4

Happy building your “spidey-sense”.

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