Who is Melissa Halstead?

Ask and I shall share some details about myself!

Melissa Halstead

My zodiac sign is Gemini, so I am bit out there.  I’m a teacher, mentor, coach, writer and the go to person for everything from book writing for those who have a message to share with others to product development as well as creating the best eCourse, Workshop, or Curriculum and Instructional materials.  If I am unable to help you, I have the connections to someone that will be able to.  I will get you all hooked up with with right people.  My personal mission in life is to help you connect with YOUR mission in life and write the message you were meant to write — and use that information boost your business.


I help passionate and inspirational business owners to write their book so they can boost their business and share their message. – Melissa Halstead

My Background

The early years: 

As I was growing up, my family was blessed to travel around the world such as Europe, Canada, and the incredible United States. When I was in 4th grade, I vowed that my classroom would be unique and have vending machines filled with candy.  In 8th grade, my goals shifted and I wanted to become a Neurosurgeon.  Despite the shift in my future goals, writing continued to be a constant throughout my entire life.

As my talent for writing developed, my ability to read people and see spirits became stronger.  I wrote plays for the deaf in middle and high school.  I didn’t become a playwright, but it was a medium in which to express myself.

Planning, Collaborating, Teaching and Reflecting is a part of who I am.  

Stepping onto the Professional Realm: 

My desire to become a Neurosurgeon landed me in New Orleans.  Okay, okay.  I admit.  I went there because it was far away from home and I fell in love with the historical aspect of the city.  I didn’t know much about the city, so I had no idea what I was walking into.

For a short while, I worked as a Chemical Hygiene Assistant and then moved into Testing and Inspections.  These two areas allowed me to explore different parts of New Orleans and opened up a whole new world for me.  Soon, life led me down a different path and landed me in a classroom as a Spanish teacher and then a Science teacher, where I spent the next 16 years.  Each day in the classroom was filled with learning experiences that enriched my life in more ways than one.  To this day, my students are still my kiddos and I make sure they know I am still here for them should they need anything. (Every kiddo that came into my classroom, I told them that makes them automatically makes them my kiddo.)

I have taught in brick and mortar schools, blended learning classrooms, as well as the asynchronous environment.

Venturing out on my own: 

During my teaching profession, I created many different Curriculum and Instructional programs, however we all know that teachers make a lot of money (insert sarcasm here) and we are swimming in the cash.  Writing was still a very big part of who I was and discovered many people needed help getting started, editing their books, and creating a marketing plan around their work.

What started out as a hobby and something to help people with, turned into a full-fledged company.  People told me I should go pro and I did. Since I hung my shingle out for the world to see, I now help people write, edit, publish, and market their book; create content for their eCourses and Workshops; and develop Curriculum and Instructional materials for their businesses.

Miracles and Opportunities Abound:

My skill set is helping C-Level Executives, Speakers, Coaches, and Small Businesses create a program that they are proud of or writing a book that speaks the strongest message.  I love what I do and wanted to share my skills with others. My purpose in life is to help people get connected with the divine and their intuition so they can hear the spirit whisper in their ear the message they were meant to write.

Now I blend my talents of traveling the world, writing, and my 16 years of teaching high school and college students to help other businesses write their books, create their eCourses and workshops, develop their Curriculum and Instructional program, so my clients can share their message .

Whether the non-fiction story is from you or from the world around you — it needs to be told.  Stories preserve the past and shape the future. We are all part of the web of life.  When you share your story, create your online program or workshop, develop a curriculum or instructional plan, or if you need to be a vessel for the divine to relay the experiences of another, you transform the WORLD.

 My Street Cred: 

  • I’ve given writing workshops on: How to Move Your Story Along, How to Shine at Book Readings, and more.
  • I was a keynote speaker for a women’s shelter and spoke against Domestic Violence.
  • I am the eWomenNetwork Managing Director for the Kansas City, Missouri area.
  • I’m a member of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.
  • My doctoral degree is in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • I’ve developed several virtual curriculum products and comprehensive lesson plans.
  • I’ve written and published several short stories and articles.
  • I invest in my skills and mindset regularly.  I’ve coached with some wonderful people over the years: Nicola Bird, Carrie Wilkerson, Robin Colucci, and Meredith Leipelt.

My Deepest Darkest Secrets:

I love reading books that make me think for days after I’ve read them.

My hearing aid gives me superpowers.  When my oldest son was little, I had his friends convinced that I had a direct connection to alien planets through my hearing aid.  More on that another time…

Out of all the tea I drink, Vanilla Chai Latte is my favorite.  Especially if it’s in my favorite owl mug.




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