About Your Reading

About your reading

Your reading is a service provided to you when you hit the purchase button.  As you hit the purchase button, you are stating that you agree to ALL the terms on this page.  Note: this applies to paid/complimentary services and/or products.

Intention and Conceptualization

The intention of every service provided to you is to align with you and your personal energy.  When you purchase a reading from me, the service provided for you is unique to you and the concerns/questions you have.

When you ask a question, I interpret and conceptualize the energy of you along with your question(s).  Just as a person is fluent in a language and another is not.  The one who does not know the language will seek out an interpreter.  My intention is to help you understand and translate the language of the spirit.

I am not a fortune teller because all humans have free will.  Tarot shows what is unseen and offers a different vantage point.  For example, it is no different than if you were to ask your friends for advice.  Tarot/Oracles gives you a clearer picture of what you might not see yet.

Suggested Analysis

My role as a spiritual interpreter is to show you the different factors for you to consider for your path.  With Tarot/Oracles, we are working with the metaphysical realm and peering into the metaphysical energies to project the different scenarios within that realm.

Tarot/Oracles allow you to take a peek at some of the different options before you so you can make the choice that is right for you.  With Tarot/Oracles, you are able to see the different options and make a decision that is best for you before you actually make a firm, solid decision.

Reading Session

As soon as we make contact via email, energy transcends time and space.  It’s one of the amazing things about metaphysics.  Our guides are able to connect with one another and transmit important information regarding your situation and question. Sometimes living as well as deceased friends/families might step forward because I am a medium.

Even if you book a reading with me, spirit might compel me to bring in another aspect of divination.  Sometimes I might bring out an oracle, a stone, a pendulum, or whatever else spirit asks of me to convey the message to the best of my ability. Should this happen, I will contact you to let you know what is going on.

While surprises are something in which I love, this is a practice I like to give from time to time.  I will throw in a bonus numerology reading or a snippet of the angel(s) that were present in during your reading.

So, you may or may not get a bonus from me.  If you want to opt out of a bonus, let me know and I will stick to your order.


Your information will not be shared.  This is a practice ingrained into me as a professional educator and a professional in general.  All of my young and adult students identities and information are protected – even if it has been years after I have taught them.

Do note that from time to time, for case studies/educational purposes/examples, your reading might be shared with others.  However all information identifying who you are will be changed. For example, the gender and birthdate will be changed.  So if, Sally ordered a reading and her birthday was Feb 8, 1964, then I would change all identifying information and it would look like this: Peter Straub, Dec 12, 1970.  This way no one will be able to discern who the reading was for.

Services Agreement

You will be remitting payment as a service, rather than “goods”.  You are paying for: my knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and my time.  You are paying me to set aside everything else in my life: family, friends, academic studies so I can clear my headspace, get connected to spirit and dedicate all of my energies to you for the duration of your reading.

Payment Terms

Payment is required upfront.  You’ll book you reading request via email and we’ll converse to ensure that your question is clear.  Once your question has been cleared and confirmed, I’ll send you an email for payment via PayPal along with a link to “About Your Reading”.  After your payment clears, then I’ll begin your reading right away.

All posted fees are in US dollars.  Here is a conversion rate website for your convenience, should you reside out of the US.

No refunds

Once you place an order and pay, there will be no refunds given.  No exceptions.  If this does not sit well with you or casts any doubt within your gut, then I am not the right reader for you. It is strongly suggested that you do not order a reading from me. Additionally, I do not offer complimentary sessions for people who want me to “prove” my abilities.  Again, if you need “proof of my abilities”, then I am not the right reader for you.

If you want to get a feel for how I work and who I am as a person, then I suggest that you spend some time getting to know me via social media as well as the FREE information provided to everyone on my website.

Delivery Time

During the day, I’m a full-time educator who shapes the minds of our future generations so they can become productive adults that make amazing contributions to the world they live in.  In addition, I am an educational consultant who helps small businesses create online courses so they can increase their revenue.  As much as I would LOVE to give you an exact date in which I can deliver your product, I cannot.  More often than not, I have a 7 day turn around time from order confirmation.

Important Stuff to Know

If you share with me that you want to harm yourself or others, then I have the obligation to report that information to the proper officials.  Mental health is an issue I care deeply about and take very seriously.  It is my duty to report anyone who wants to harm others or themselves.

When you email or purchase a service from me, you automatically accept the terms.

I am not a health, legal, business or financial expert and will not answer questions within these domains.  It is suggested that if you have a question within the sphere of health, legal, business or finances, then you contact a licensed professional who can advise you properly.

My main focus is on the metaphysical energies that surround you and your question.

By booking a reading, you acknowledge that I do not identify as a licensed professional in the areas of: health, legal, business and/or finances.

I am a medium and an interpreter for the metaphysical energies.  In certain jurisdictions, a reader engaged in such practices falls under the scope of “fortune telling” or “divination” is required to disclose to you that such readings should be for entertainment purposes only.  If this law applies, then you are on notice of this fact.

That being said, divination is a form of my personal spiritual expression that I take very seriously, I will approach your reading with great reverence and care as I do with all sacred arts.

So while I encourage you to treat what I say as being entertainment purposes only, know that from my perspective, I do not treat it as entertainment, and for me, it is an expression of my personal gnostic beliefs and my faith.

Possible Typos

Sometimes I go into automatic writings as the spirit places me into a conscious stream of connection.  If you do find a typo, just keep reading and pay attention the bigger picture.

Did all of this resonate with you?  If yes, let’s get started.  Visit the different types of readings I offer, find one that is a strong fit for your needs, and email me the information needed to move forward.

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