Wishing on a Star: Winter Solstice



As we approach the final festival of the calendar year, we prepare for a time of feasting and drinking. Whether you are observing Yule, the winter solstice, Christmas, any other holiday, or just being able to down tools for a few days, it is a time for celebration and also for anticipation and wishes.  With that being said, I’d love to invite you to indulge yourself with the yummy Tarot Blog Hop and feast your senses on some winter festivities.


With this in mind and before I fling myself headlong into the spirit of seasonal over-indulgence, I chose to take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought for me and what I wish for the next year to bring.
How bright is your inner light shining in the world?
The brightness of my inner light shining in the world comes in the form of The Chariot Rev.  Reversals to me signal that energy is not being managed correctly and I could do a better job of this.  Right now, my energy is scattered because I’m feeling that life is a little bigger than I can handle at the moment.  This is true because I feel like the Ten of Wands is preventing my light from shining brighter.


Now that I know that energy is being scattered and not used in a more focused way, I will look at what can be dropped and take some time to retreat before I take further action.


What imbalances are currently dimming your light?
The imbalances that are currently dimming my light is the Knight of Cups.  I have all of these wonderful ideas and that seems to be the problem for me.  There are so many ideas for me to execute, but overwhelm comes in and slows down my passion.  I believe that the Knight of Cups comes in to remind me that it’s okay to have a bunch of ideas and feel passionate about things in life.  The secret is to really look at what makes my heart sing, write down those ideas, and execute one at a time, rather than trying to do everything all at once.
What tools are at your disposal in order to help you balance those areas? 
Ten of Swords Rev comes in and screams at me: You’re at then end of the stressful cycle.  This couldn’t be any truer because I had a situation in my life that resulted in some PTSD.  A few days ago, I realized that I was not going to let the PTSD dictate my life and it’s super important that I work on some inner healing.  Shortly after my declaration, I ran into a healer who helped realign my chakras and replenish my energy sources – BAM!!!  I tell you, it helped.  While it didn’t get rid of the PTSD entirely, it gave me hope for the future.


What is the Universe asking you to surrender during this Solstice?
I found this to be strange because the Universe is asking me to surrender The World.  In connection with the other cards, I feel that it means for me to just surrender myself to the burdens of my life.  It’s a new cycle in my life and now is the time for me to move forward.  It’s important for me to continue my growth the way my guides suggest for me to and for me to abandon what used to be in order to move into the direction of freedom.


What messages are coming to you from your ancestors and guides?
How ironic that the Ace of Swords appears in this spread in the midst of the other advice given.  The Ace of Swords is a message that comes to me loud and clear: for me to explore some new ideas and to go into a new direction.  This has been something I’ve been doing in terms of taking baby steps, but now… I’ll stop being a wimp and just take scary, daring action to see where I land.  I’m down with that.


Bottom Winter Solstice
How can you best use the knowledge your guides and the Universe has provided you?
How much I love the High Priestess because she’s a total badass – at least to me anyways. She’s pretty much saying what I’ve known all along and seeing this has reaffirmed my inner gut feelings.  It’s time for me to step into the full light of helping people see their inner light and showing them how to heal their broken spirit by way of my medium/psychic abilities.


What dreams will grow alongside the light? 
The dreams that will grow along side the light will be one of Strength.  This card has appeared to me that the two main ingredients needed in my life are: to learn fortitude and compassion.  It’s rather interesting because I was talking to my hubby about this very thing.


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Be sure to indulge your amazing senses during the Winter Solstice with other blogs writing by amazing tarotologists.



  1. Arwen Lynch-Poe says:

    Great spread. I think folks need to watch out for you in 2018. You are going to be hitting it! 😀

  2. Casper says:

    Wondering if you drew the cards randomly or if these were cards you’ve chosen intentionally! Nevertheless, beautiful deck and beautiful write up Melissa 🙂

  3. M. Juniper says:

    Love the manga tarot! The “Universe surrendering the World” is such a thought-provoking pair…I sometimes equate the World with all that which is greater than us. Surrender to it? Surrender ideas of it? “Surrender to the burdens of life” is a place to take it that I wouldn’t have immediately connected…as we move into Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn being represented by the World in some systems- the planet of burdens! Clicks to me.Thank you for the insights!

  4. Melissa Annalise Halstead says:

    Now that I’ve taken a step back, I must agree with you regarding “The World”. It was unclear to me, but now it is: sometimes one needs to walk away from the world for a bit to get stuff done. I think thats what’s happening here. I love your insight and it is much appreciated. This is what I love about community – the cross-fertilizaton of ideas.

  5. Deirdre says:

    I love The High Priestess and Strength as your last two cards. I actually chose these two intentionally for my 2018! I know they will be big themes for everyone in the coming year.

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