Slice Through the Smoke and Mirrors

Day 41: 78 Day Triple Dog Dare Challenge (3)

Positive Affirmation

I am victorious and possess raw power.

Theme of the Day

Your world view has expanded and the achievement of your goals becomes much clearer.

Welcome to Day 41 of the challenge.  If you’re jumping in right now, be sure to check out the Welcome to the Triple Dog Dare to get started.  The previous days are listed at the bottom of each post with a hyperlink.

A single sword appears and reminds you of your power.  There are two sides of the sword: constructive use or destructive use.

Constructively, you have the ability to slice through the smoke and mirrors to see the truth in things around you. Destructively, you have the ability to bring harm or force a situation. Either way, know that you possess the power within.

Regarding your business, Ace of Swords suggests there might be a situation where you are called to cut away the things that  no longer serve you.  This might be hard to do objectively, but you can do this.  After all, this is what one client I knew did.  She stepped back and looked at why her sales were sluggish.

Ace of Swords

Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Incorporated

Upon closer inspection, she realized that she was not using her time wisely in client acquisition. She spent more time creating product after product, without giving her current products time to come to solid fruition. One small shift made huge changes for her bottom line.

The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility. – Charles Kettering

On the other hand, you can be the very one who brings destruction upon your business by trying to force something to happen sooner than it is ready.  This happened to another client of mine.  He wanted to launch a product before it was ready.

His mindset was: Before  he builds out the entire course, he’ll see if people want to buy it first.  Then, once people bought the program, he would build out the modules as the course unfolded.  People bought his course and he struggled to create content before the next module was due to release.  It resulted in poor quality content and resulted in negative feedback.

Granted some people utilize the method of see if people will buy it before they put any effort into creating the course.  This may be successful for some people, but not most.

You have TWO Triple Dog Dare Challenges today.  Read the challenges and close your eyes to connect with what the challenge is asking of you.  Allow yourself to walk through the experience and be sure to capture as much as you can with your words as well as intent.

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #1: Step back and assess specific areas in your business. What do you need to keep and what do you need to cut away?

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #2: Identify areas in your business you’re trying to force to happen.  Ask yourself why you’re trying to force an event or a situation to happen before the universe is ready to deliver it to you.  Is there another alternative? If so, what is it?

Once you’ve completed your Triple Dog Dare Challenge, celebrate that!  I invite you to step out of your comfort  zone and share with us in the comments below so we can celebrate with you.

Celebrating YOU!

You’re super important and so is your journey. I’d love to hear how the Triple Dog Dare Challenge has enhanced your personal and/or professional life. Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers. Pay your experiences forward.

How may I serve you?

My focus is to serve 1200 people in the 2017 – 2018 year so they can use their intuition and messages from the spirit to develop, grow, and sustain their business.  There’s nothing more powerful that being connected to the divine to help people accomplish their mission they’ve declared for themselves.


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