Inject a Dose of Happiness Into Your Life

Day 20: 78 DayTriple Dog DareChallenge (2)

Positive Affirmation

I am in a place of happiness

Theme of the Day

It’s a time to celebrate your success and inject a dose of happiness into your life.

Welcome to Day 20 of the challenge.  If you’re jumping in right now, be sure to check out the Welcome to the Triple Dog Dare to get started.  The previous days are listed at the bottom of each post with a hyperlink.

The Sun, warm and bright, shines down on your life.  It is the source that nourishes all life.  ALERT: You’re about to receive a mini-science lesson, curtesy of a long-time science teacher. I’ve got more than 17 years in this stuff under my belt, so buckle up and let’s go for a short, exciting ride!

Do more of what makes you happy. 

The Sun provides a bunch of energy to the producers.  The sunlight is converted into energy by way of photosynthesis.  Then it moves up the food chain to the primary, secondary, tertiary, and then quaternary consumers.  As a scientist, it’s amazing how a big ball of blazing light sustains life.

The Sun

Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Incorporated

Now, let’s talk about YOU.  Yes, YOU are The Sun.  Your business provides nourishment and more times than not, the people you serve count their blessings that you are in their life.  Your business offers:

  • job stability
  • financial rewards
  • exceptional service
  • a chance for your competitors to up their game

Be SO HAPPY that when others look at you they become HAPPY too.

All of these amazing and positive things allow those very people to accomplish the very mission their souls have been destined to accomplish.  This in turn allows the people that crosses their paths to accomplish their mission. It’s a domino effect.

Let’s connect this back to the science lesson.  You are THE SUN, your business and business products are THE PRODUCERS, and your client are THE CONSUMERS.

Do you see how you how much value you provide to those around you?!

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love. — Lana Del Rey 

One of my favorite songs to listen to is “Soak Up the Sun” by Cheryl Crow:

You have TWO Triple Dog Dare Challenges today.  Read the challenges and close your eyes to connect with what the challenge is asking of you.  Allow yourself to walk through the experience and be sure to capture as much as you can with your words as well as intent.

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #1: On any of the social media channels, share one of your recent successes and hashtag #78TDDC.  This way, we can all celebrate with you.

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #2: Examine your own business and identify the difference you make in the life of others.  Write these success down in your daily journal.  When you feel like you’re not making a difference, refer back to this list or journal entry.

Once you’ve completed your Triple Dog Dare Challenge, celebrate that!  Invite you to step out of your comfort  zone and share with us in the comments below so we can celebrate with you.

Celebrating YOU!

You’re super important and so is your journey. I’d love to hear how the Triple Dog Dare Challenge has enhanced your personal and/or professional life. Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers. Pay your experiences forward.

How may I serve you?

My focus is to serve 1200 people in the 2017 – 2018 year so they can use their intuition and messages from the spirit to develop, grow, and sustain their business.  There’s nothing more powerful that being connected to the divine to help people accomplish their mission they’ve declared for themselves.


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