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Day 4: 78 DayTriple Dog Dare Challenge (2)

Welcome to Day 4 of the challenge.  If you’re jumping in right now, be sure to check out the Welcome to the Triple Dog Dare to get started.  The previous days are listed at the bottom of each post with a hyperlink.

Positive Affirmation:  I will nurture my business in an organic way so I can be steeped in abundance

Theme of the Day: Nurture your business with the proper attention and thoughts so abundance flows your way.


The Empress has always felt very regal and maternal to me.  Kind of like a mother who sits and waits because over the years she has learned that life works out whether you want it to or not.  Everything around you comes to fruition if given enough time to come to maturity.  Her body language suggests to me that it’s important to take a seat to allow your creative ideas to swirl and spin in your mind.

The Empress

Rider-Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Incorporated

She rests on a comfortable, plush red chair that seems to spring forth the essence of life.  The stars on her head indicates that she posses the wisdom of the universe.  Hence, the knowing that stuff works out in the end.  The golden wheat before her and the green trees behind her suggest that nature cannot be rushed, no matter how hard one tries.  Things need time to grow into their full potential.

She invites you to grow your business with patience and reverence.  Sometimes we want things to happen right NOW.  We want the increased profits NOW.  We want the fame right NOW. We want people “out there” to know who we are NOW.  We want to serve as many people as we can NOW.  However, she cautions you that it’s best to create a viable environment for all those things to happen.  And that is through time, energy, and patience.

When things are forced, it does not give the universe time to prepare the correct stage to set your business upon.  Think back to a time when you rushed something in your life and it didn’t quite work out because there were things missing.  One time a client came to me and wanted prince charming to appear in her life right now.  I explained to her that he was coming into her life, but it was essential that she get herself together so when he does come — the fragments and drama from her past were already sorted.

She decided that she wanted to rush into the relationship with said prince charming.  Everything was perfect, but it soon fizzled.  She came back to me with great pain in her heart and wished that she would have given the relationship time to grow and prosper.  Rather than focus on the sadness, we discussed what could be done differently in the future.

This happens in my client’s businesses as well.  The eager entrepreneur wants to land a bunch of clients right this second.  I caution against that — especially in the beginning — primarily most solo business owners are not prepared for the large volume of clients.

What happened to a client of mine: he wanted to be “big” – meaning, he wanted people to know of him and he would have so much business that he would be constantly busy.  I advised him that it is smarter to only take on what you can handle, grow your business, and then when you come to a point to where you feel like you can take on more — do so.  In addition, as he grew, he could slowly outsource certain tasks and feel good doing so because he had sufficient income coming in.

It’s really great to say that he listened and took the wisdom of The Empress (this came up in the reading session we had when he wanted to know what steps he needed to grow his business).

Nurturing transforms lives

The Empress invites you to take a moment to grow your business without rushing through anything.  Give yourself time to think upon what you really want to happen and step in that direction – slowly.  Once you’re comfortable with a task or a client, then continue to take strong, solid steps forward.  Continue to nurture your desires with affirmations, intent, meditation, and solid action.  As this gives the universe time to put together all those wonderful cosmic particles and create the successful, prosperous business you desire.

You have TWO Triple Dog Dare Challenges today.  Read the challenges and close your eyes to connect with what the challenge is asking of you.  Allow yourself to walk through the experience and be sure to capture as much as you can with your words as well as intent.

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #1:  In your journal express some gratitude towards the universe for preparing the stage for your business to be successful.  Write down 3 things you’re waiting for the universe to manifest and offer thanks.

Triple Dog Dare Challenge #2: Identify three areas in your business that need nurturing and create ways you can take action on those areas.

Once you’ve completed your Triple Dog Dare Challenge, celebrate that!  Invite you to step out of your comfort  zone and share with us in the comments below so we can celebrate with you.

Out of limitations come creativity

Celebrating YOU!

You’re super important and so is your journey.  I’d love to hear how the Triple Dog Dare Challenge has enhanced your personal and/or professional life.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

How may I serve you?

My focus is to serve 1200 people in the 2017 – 2018 year so they can use their intuition and messages from the spirit to develop, grow, and sustain their business.  There’s nothing more powerful that being connected to the divine to help people accomplish their mission they’ve declared for themselves.


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