In The Shadows of Samhain

In the Shadows of Samhain

How does one know where they are going, if they don’t reflect on where they have been.  It’s important to stop and look at all the small steps taken in the past because it is those very steps that create the future.  Reflection is important for personal growth, which is why I post daily reflection prompts all over social media.

Did you know that reflection is a passion of mine?  So much that I wrote an ENTIRE dissertation on the topic.  Through my dissertation, I learned that many people focus on what is before them without taking the time to dissect the past.  Granted, the past is painful and it can stir up some hard emotions because we don’t like to be reminded of our failures.

However, we need to look at WHY something didn’t work out.  I don’t mean, just glance over and say yeah I “effed” up there and there and there.  It means really looking at the mistake and look at the small steps that led to that moment.  From there, we can learn from those  small steps and ensure that the next steps we take are wise ones.

So, in the shadows of Samhain — I use tarot to take a closer look at 2017 looked like for me overall, and what I need in order to be successful in 2018.

What did I do well in 2017?

One of my strengths that emerged in 2017 was to overcome the Ace of Wands Reversed.  The good part of the year was filled with false starts and low self-esteem.  My struggle with PTSD that stemmed from several traumatic experiences that happened in close sequence made it quite difficult to find an even footing in my life as well as my business.

The beauty of reversed cards, especially minor arcana, is that it reminds us of the power we have within.  We have the ability to take the energy that is weak and chaotic and change it.  It’s as if the Magician is hiding behind the curtain as found in the Wizard of Oz.

Now that I’m aware that the Ace of Wands reversed emerged in the reading, it’ll be easy to take the necessary steps needed to empower myself and turn the energies right side up.  I have the matches needed to reignite that fire again and ensure that it burns bright. So watch out world!!

Another aspect that emerged through the Ace of Wands Reversed was earlier this year, the focus of my business felt a bit off-course.  I had to step back and really assess the exact direction I wanted to take my business.  I was literally at a fork in the road, much like the Two of Swords.  Did I want to incorporate Tarot into my work — in a open way or did I want Tarot to inform my business, behind the scenes?  It was a tough decision, but I decided to step out into the open with my mediumship/psychic abilities along with my tarot reading powers.

After much contemplation and discussion with my guides, I found a way to blend tarot into my business in a subtle way.  I’m not much for an excess of anything, so it was important that the academic aspect of creating online courses for my dynamic clients balanced with the infusion of tarot.   However, I do professional readings for peeps at local metaphysical stores around town.  Interacting with clients face-to-face really allows me to help people heal and find their way through life, especially when they are having a difficult time seeing the forest for the trees.

What could I do better?

The one thing I could have done better in 2017 was to take a deep breath and take a moment.  The Queen of Cups Reversed reminded me that I can be pretty hard on myself.  I’m an over-achiever.  If my PhD in Education didn’t tell you that, then yeah….

The Queen of Cups Reversed suggests to me that I can’t control everything in my life.  It’s important to focus my attention on the things I can control and surrender the hard stuff to my angels and my guides.  They like to do the heavy lifting anyways.  So, I have written a note on my notebook to think about what is going on around me instead of wanting to react right away.

Learning to take forward into 2018…

I’m not going to lie, when I saw the Justice Reversed, I cringed a bit.  It’s not that I don’t like the Justice card. It’s he looks so serious as if he’s staring straight at me, like a parent who scolds their child. It’s not a comforting feeling.  After my feelings got sorted out, I meditated on what his message was for me.

He suggests that the decisions I make need to be thought through more clearly.  Rather than leaping before I look — something I love to do because life is so much fun with a dash of chaos it in — it’s important that I look before I leap.  So, as much as I really don’t want to, I will heed Justice Reversed advice by creating a comprehensive plan for all that I do.  It’s important to ensure that all the details are taken care of so I can be successful in 2018.

Additionally, there needs to be a balance between work and play.  So this means, rather than focusing all of my energies on my business, it’s important that I take some time out for my family and myself.  This is something that will be addressed and solidified as I create my 2018 schedule.

Side note

Before I go any further, it was rather funny that most of the past is reversed and the future is upright.  It goes to show that 2017 really kicked my ass and helped me come into my own.  I believe that you have to go through the gauntlet to test your mettle so when you come out, you feel like the Six of Wands – Victorious for kicking ass in a major way.

Back to our regular analysis….

Samhain Spread

Past: Left | Future: Right

What can you achieve in 2018?

The beautiful Empress showed up and this caused all sorts of warm fuzzies to sweep through my heart.  There’s something powerful about her.  As she sits on her plush throne with the lush green trees and the gold fields of wheat, and the plump pomegranates on her dress.  You just can’t go wrong with her showing up in a spread.

The excitement that jumps from this card is exhilarating because she signals of happiness to come by way of supportive women.  It’s important that I continue to surround myself around like-minded women who support each other and lift each other as we all climb towards our goals we’ve set for ourselves in life.   A new cycle of prosperity is on the horizon and it’s really important for me to implement the lessons learned from the reversals so she can continue to rain abundance in my life.

What skills will I need in 2018?

What’s ironic is the main focus of this blog hop is “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is dead, long live the King): Birth, Death & Rebirth”.  I did not expect to see a King show up in my spread, but the King of Wands has decided to grace his presence in my spread.

He speaks of leadership and ambition, two characteristics that I am glad to embrace for the upcoming year.  The King of Wands encourages growth and potential.  While this applies to my life, I also interpreted it to mean that one of the focuses of 2018 for me is to help others grow and realize their potential so they can flourish.  Additionally, I’d love to be a mentor to those who are just starting their businesses and show them the ropes on how to navigate the rough waters before them so they can be successful.

The King of Wands reminds me that I can do anything my heart desires, so it’s important for me to be passionate about blending tarot into my work so I can help others create a totally kickass online course for their business.  However, one thing he also suggests might be a bit hard for me to do is to delegate some work for others to complete.  I will dig deep and try to find it within me to trust others to do what they do best.

What could undermine me in 2018?

This was tough to interpret due to the nature of the card – The Hierophant.  I’m not one for conformity.  Coloring inside the lines and following rules to the exact letter is quite difficult for me to do, primarily life is about stretching boundaries.  Now, this is within reason of course.  I’m not THAT much of a rebel.  A mini-rebel, if you will.

I had to take a few hours to really think on this card because it did not make any sense.  Conforming to the majority is totally against my nature.  When things of “After a while, it finally became clear to me.  It is going to be the traditional norms that will be a challenge for me because as I stated earlier, I am not one to go with the masses.  I carve out my own path and this suits me just fine.  This is what The Hierophant is trying to tell me: the thing that could undermine me is the need for social approval and the pressure of society to conform.

I’m not here for that.  This has been confirmed by my spirit guide.  While I THINK I got my PhD on a dare, my guide tells me otherwise.  I am here to shake up the norms of certain academic and spiritual platforms by way of my academic writings and speaking.  The Hierophant reminds me that social norms do exist and it’s important that I remain outside of those boundaries to accomplish my spiritual mission.  So, if the screams of “you need to do it this way because it’s always been done this way” happen before me, then I need to turn my hearing aid off and continue on with what I’ve been destined to do.

As stated midway in the post, my past is filled with reversals, which is fine as I see where I need to make improvements.  The future is filled with uprights and helpful advice needed to kick off my new year on Nov 1st.

Bright Blessings,

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  1. Katalin Patnaik says:

    All past cards reversed, all future upright!! How cool is that!

    I wish you all uprights from now on! 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    I had bemused face when I saw that you’d been visited by the Hierophant and a King as well. I had similar during my reading for this hop.

    It’s always when we’re on the verge of change or discovery they rear their head. Thanks for this it was really informative.

  3. Arwen Lynch-Poe says:

    First, you are so lovely! I really enjoyed this. It was interesting to see all the reversals. Almost as though you had to go deep this past year now you are ready to sprout from that soul (I mean soil, but oh well) and grow!

  4. Benebell says:

    Loving the synchronicities in your tarot reading and how well it spoke to your 2017. And what sound counsel from The Hierophant for the year to come and staying away from seeking social conformity or approval! <3 Go forth and shake up those norms!

  5. Alison says:

    I was really struck by the three cards representing the past all being reversed! Maybe the Hierophant is suggesting you find your own “keys to the kingdom”…:-)

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