3 Tips on How to Discuss your Rates Like a Pro

3 Tips on How to Discuss your Rates Like a Pro

You are rocking and rolling in your business.  Your website it up.  You’ve got the business cards printed.  You’re networking like a pro.

Pretty soon, you have a person standing before you with a fabulous smile and they’ve listened to you voice your passion for what you do.  Then they ask, “What do you charge?”

Before you know it, you’ve got a lump in your throat the size of an avocado seed.  Do you:

(1) Run and hide

(2) Struggle to say what you think THEY will pay

(3) Confidently say what you charge

Most people find themselves in either category 1 or category 2.  If you’re in category 3, that’s wonderful.  I’d love to hear your strategies on how you got to this point.

In a nutshell, you’re not alone. Many people have difficulty talking about money — especially when it comes to quoting prices for our own work.  But, if you’re going to reach the goals you have set for yourself — personal as well as financial — you’re going to have to overcome the struggle.

Here are 3 tips on how to discuss your rates like a pro:

Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse.

The first tip for declaring your prices with confidence is to rehearse, and then rehearse some more.  Go to the park and as you people watch, say what your rates are.  Tell your kids what your rates are.  Stand in front of a mirror and say, “I charge $XXX.00 per hour.”

The more you hear yourself say your rates out loud, the more organic it will feel for you when it comes time to tell the person that inquires.

Be clear.

Listen to yourself as you speak to your potential clients.  Your main objective is to be confident and clear.  If your client feels that you’re not clear with them, then they will feel that what you have to offer is not clear either.

Avoid speaking in a timid tone. “Well, my normal prices are…” and “Actually, my rates are…”

Stand up straight, smile, and confidently say, “My hourly rate is $300 dollars.  Where should I send the link for payment?”


It’s natural to want to fill in the space after you have spoken your rates.  However, rather than do so, it’s essential to allow for silence to settle in.  Refrain from trying to justify your price as it lessens your value.  Instead, allow your client to have time to respond.

Is it guaranteed that you will land a new client?  Not always.  However, the upside is that you will have the chance to practice your confidence in sharing your prices.  When your potential clients feel confidence, they will either become: clients, connections, or a referral.

Best wishes in all that you do.

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