Step Into A Better Version of You

A small seed grows into a large tree when provided with the proper amount of nutrients, sunlight, and water.  This tree does not think about what it has to do next.  The tree stands tall and reaches for the sky as the wind blows through the leaves.  As the strong gusts of wind comes through, the tops of the trees appear to sway in the wind, bending back and forth.

The human spirit is no different when it comes to the basic needs in order to grow.  You need the proper nutrients, sunlight, water, and self-love in order to flourish.  However, if it’s as easy as throwing specific ingredients together, then why do some people struggle with swaying to and fro with the wind?

The struggle comes from the level in which most people vibrate.  Not everyone grows to be big and strong because not everyone vibrates at a high frequency.  Not everyone has the ability to sway with the wind and adapt to the shifting direction of life.  As a result, life wears you down over time and your energetic vibration starts to decline.   After all, you know that life sometimes knocks you down at the knees and it takes all the strength you have within to even breathe properly.

Hell, there was a personal situation that happened in my life a few years ago.  The situation knocked me on my butt and it took me a long time to figure out which end was up.  The basic tasks took every morsel of energy I had within me.  There were some times when life looked so dark, I didn’t think I’d ever remember what it was like to step into the light.

When you get knocked down enough times, it can feel pretty defeating and sometimes if feels easier to throw in the towel.  The personal satisfaction of watching the towel fly from your hand and slamming against the ground fills your soul, but your spirit knows.

You know.

Your heart knows.

Giving up is an option. It is a choice. When you gather every ounce of strength you can to get back up to face the ups and downs of life, the slight fragments of you resonating at a higher frequency fades into the past and your focus shifts to the times you :

  1. Feel that everything you do is incorrect
  2. Perceive others don’t like you
  3. Doubt your attractiveness
  4. Make continuous poor choices and you just can’t seem to do anything right
  5. Feel clumsy in talking with other people and wonder if you even make sense

These things stem from various places, such as family, friends, strangers, and other people who have come into our lives.  Over time, you absorb their negative perceptions/comments and transform them into your own truth.  After a while, it becomes harder and harder to tune out the negative voices.  It becomes difficult to sift the facts from fiction.

What does a worn out, exhausted person do?  I mean, let’s face it.  It’s easier to avoid dealing with becoming a better version of yourself by binge watching the latest show on Netflix.

The solution is to stop blaming others for your misfortunes and realize the world is not your problem because the frequency in which you choose to reside is your problem.  In essence, you have only ONE problem to sort out: changing your frequency into a higher state.

Feelings of doubt, inadequacy, insecurity and other lower vibrational feelings are a construct created by the  human ego.  The world is not your problem, the frequency in which you choose to reside is your problem.  From time to time, it is okay to feel these lower emotions and do give yourself permission to hold space there — for a short time only.  It becomes a problem when you decide to pitch a hammock in the pits of pity and despair and stay there.

You were meant for more!

After you’ve held space, cried the ugly cry, screamed at the sky, and wallowed in the lower frequency, it’s important to raise your vibration and get determined to step into a better version of you.

Your spirit invites you to shift from the lower vibration frequency to a higher one.  Take a moment to make a small vow to cut the negative narrative from your mind as you begin a fresh, new chapter.  Who doesn’t like the idea of a fresh blank page in which you can write whatever the hell you want?!

Here’s a vow I pledged during my meditation to step into a higher frequency.  It’s nothing fancy as I prefer simplicity.

I give myself permission to be human and to experience the emotions that happen at that moment in time.  I now step into a better version of myself by raising my vibration.  This higher vibration allows me to serve people in a way I need to so they can be better versions of themselves.

Once, the verbal intent is made, I close my eyes and visualize myself raising my energy levels from low to high.  I’ll talk more on this in another post/vlog.

Did you know?  Oftentimes a person gets a fraction of an inch to success.  Once a setback or a disappointment happens, they lose their drive and give up too easily and too soon.

Change your thinking and begin to see yourself vibrating higher.  Your thoughts are filled with pure intent and make a special effort to be the best version of who you were meant to be.

Increase your vibration by doing more things that reaffirm your feelings of :

  1. Being unique and how you are meant to be celebrated
  2. Being beautiful/handsome
  3. Doing things correctly
  4. Knowing that mistakes are okay to make and they are just learning experiences
  5. Your value and importance in the world

Start reading about the life of successful people and you will learn that they all had low self-esteem due to the trials and tribulations.  Many refused to accept this as their reality, and took measures to improve their life.  In the meantime, here is a song that will get you in the groove of stepping into a better version of yourself after you have been through hell and back:

Messages from the spirit

The spirits speaks to us in subtle ways, however at times there can be physical representations.  Here is what the spirit has to say:

The spirit invites you to re-train your thinking and follow the direction of your heart (Compass).  You have a whole human being with so many gifts to offer to others (Bone Collector) and you have everything you need within you.  And in order to step into a better version of yourself, it’s important to let go of things that used to own you and live life on your own terms (Wishing Well).

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Best wishes,

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