Perceived Happiness: A Thief of Real Happiness

Did you know that perceived happiness is the thief of REAL happiness?

At any given time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or other social media platform, you will meet several people who threaten to delete their accounts or just take a hiatus for however many days long.  Shortly after, there is a flurry of other people offering their condolences or pleading for the person not to remain absent for long.

What is the reason for the threats?  Some folks get fed up with seeing different themes pop up on their timeline, such as:

  • A moment of happiness
  • An opposing political post
  • The request to copy and paste for good fortune
  • A birth of a baby
  • A sonogram of triplets
  • An engagement
  • A new job
  • A promotion
  • The death of a family member
  • A prayer request (for more cash usually)
  • Drama
  • …. And more.

However, after the many months of working with people in my business, a consistent theme emerged: some people perceive they received the short end of the stick in life.  As they scrolled through their timelines, they genuinely felt happy for others and wished them the very best in life, BUT they felt their lives weren’t as exciting.  This was soon replaced with feelings of unhappiness.

There is no one on this earth, no matter how rich, famous or successful who does not suffer moments where they feel that life has served them a cup of bitter tea. The smiles on many people’s faces may be masks that are worn to cover up the internal pain. Other people wear smiles because they have learned to deal with their pain and problems and focus on the good and not the bad in their life.

Here’s a secret: If you really want to see if a person is being genuine with their smile on social media, check out what Nicholas Fradet says  to look for HERE.

A word of reassurance

There are very few people who feel that life is not difficult.  We all know that life is down right ugly and dirty, and we all wonder how in the hell we even come out of certain situations ALIVE.  However, the real victory in the midst of the grueling gauntlet is finding the blessing in our lives and focusing on it rather than the negative.  THIS is the key that opens the door to contentment even when things couldn’t seem to get worse.

Messages from the Spirit

Perhaps the area that causes most problems for people is in accepting other people’s faults and making excuses for them. Every person is a unique human being and is the product of their past experiences. Very few interpersonal relationships will ever be without some level of differences of opinion. The potential for conflict is always there when people interact with each other. As we focus on the good in the other person and the benefits of our relationship with them because of the unique person they are, it helps us put a different perspective on those areas that we find difficult to appreciate.

You must be patient because life has prepared you for the amazing wave of success and prosperity (whatever that looks like for you) that is coming your way (Ride the Wave Reversed).  Perceiving your happiness does not match the happiness you see in other people is robbing you of your own happiness.  Do not use the lives of others — good or bad — as an indicator for your own life.  You are an amazing and unique person.

A solution for those who struggle with peering into the lives of others is to disconnect from their worlds for a short while and connect to your spirit (Magic Prayer Reversed).   When you are connected to your spirit, you are able to see what kind of plans your spirit has for you.

If it is difficult to disconnect from others for a while and center yourself to connect to your spirit, why not be genuine and reach out to others who can help you.  Oftentimes, people have bared their soul on social media – sharing problems, misery, heartache, and depression – and this allows other to see you as an authentic human being (Follow the Leader Reversed).  You’re more than a smile as sometimes you are one who sheds tears.

Others will lend a helping hand or share a supportive word to lift your spirits.  You never know, you might impact the lives of another when they need it the most.

Are you interested in receiving a personalized message from your spirit?  Let’s get connected HERE.

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