Overcoming Objections: Slay Your Top Online Course Development Hurdles

Overcoming Objections_ Slay Your Top Online Course Development Hurdles

Overcome YOUR Objections

It’s those pesky objections you give yourself so you don’t have to get moving and create your amazing online course.

You know you need to do it.  You’ve had it on your to-do list for a while now.  Your own coach has suggested to you time and time again that this is the year for you to create an online course for your small business.

And yet… paralysis sets in and you feel stuck.  Even lost!  The intention is there and sometimes you go as far as to force yourself to get on the computer and begin your journey.

It’s not that you don’t recognize the wonderful benefits, or that you don’t want to have an online course that will help your clients in a big way.  You just struggle with it, and probably for the same reasons many other solo prenuers and small businesses.

Objection 1: Your time is scarce. 

Here is a big one.  Everyone has their calendars filled to the brim with events, networking parties, along with other obligations that help their business grow.  We all get that, but it’s not a good reason when it comes to enriching your business.

It’s easy to get stretched thin and bear a lot of responsibility, time management is key.  Prioritize your day to accommodate the  important things, like writing an outline or creating content for your online course.  Maybe set your alarm 30 minutes earlier for a laser focused creation time every evening, or not getting on Netflix or Hulu after dinner so you can plan as well as create.  Others like long stretches of time, and the weekend is a great time for two to three hour blocks.

The main focus here is to prioritize.  Treat your online course, workshop, or masterclass creation as sacred time.  It is an important appointment you have scheduled with yourself, and be sure that it does not get canceled.

Not sure how to set blocks of time?  Check out this helpful tool: Pomodoro Technique (the Tomato Method).

Objection 2: Creative blocks inhibit your smooth flow.

Dozens of people state they cannot create content for whatever reason, but when my clients sit down with me — their ideas flow like the Missouri River. As they speak, I am scribbling down their thoughts and after the conversation is over, they have an entire program outlined.

You have many options for overcoming creative blocks.  More times than not, creative blocks stem from insecurity.  You can overcome this hurdle.  Hire an online course creation coach and share your ideas in a free-form setting.

If this is not something that resonates with you, then take out a piece of paper and free write.  Allow yourself the space to write whatever comes to mind and do this for 20 to 30 minutes every day.  After a while, you will start to see ideas have emerged and then you can thread those ideas into a complete picture.

Objection 3: You can’t pull together all the ideas together into an online course, masterclass, or workshop.

Some folks are great with short projects, and they don’t mind creating them.  However, the thought of creating a big project like an online course, masterclass, or workshop scares the living daylights out of them.

First, if you can write a blog post, you can create an entire online course.  The process is similar: you’re creating information for your clients and potential clients to consume by way of pictures, video, words, and more.

But, if you really feel you can’t take on the creation of a QUALITY online course, then an outline is going to be the best step you’ve ever taken.  Start with the big idea and then break it down by sections, and then subsections.  Jot down notes on the side as they come to you — what you’ll cover in each, what pictures or videos you’d like to include, and then over time — your course will flesh out.

There are over a hundred reasons to create an online course, master class, and workshop for establishing your expertise, for growing your audience, and solidifying your message.  However, none of that will happen if you don’t actually create it.  So it’s time to overcome your objections and get your dream course done so your clients can rave about you!

Best wishes in your online course, masterclass, and/or workshop creation!  You’ve got this.

Dr. Melissa Halstead helps small businesses and soloprenuers create, develop, and launch online courses, workshops and masterclasses so they can inject more cash into their business.  Book a Power Session today.





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