Online Course Marketing Made Easier: If you Create it, They Will Come

Online Course Marketing Made Easier_ If you Create it, They Will Come

Online Course Marketing Made Easier: If you Create it, They Will Come

Side note: I originally wanted the title to be Online Course Marketing Made Easy, but let’s be honest – there is nothing easy about running a business or even marketing a service or a product.  So, I switched the word “easy” to “easier” because at the end of the day, you still have to hustle.

Now on with the blog post…

Here’s a big fear we all have when it comes to creating an online course, masterclass, and/or workshop: What if no one buys it?

While that is always possible, with a little planning, some elbow grease, and the creation of awareness, it’s highly unlikely.  The secret is to get others excited about your online course, and to get them talking and sharing your content with others in their tribe.

Learn how Word of Mouth Powers Up Your Business.

Host a Virtual Launch Party.

Weeks before your official online course, masterclass, and/or workshop date, it’s time to start putting the word out to the entire world.  Offering bonuses for early purchases, incentives for a review, and a free Q/A webinar are all proven strategies for building the buzz for your upcoming online course.

There are so many parts in a successful online course launch – landing pages, mailing lists, social outreach, affiliate partnerships, and more – so if you need help with the plan, check out How to Plan A Product Launch Event.

Get in the Interview Spotlight. 

Two to three months before your online course release, have your virtual assistant begin researching podcasts, blogs and other media outlets for potential interviews.  Create a press package to send out, including headshots, book cover art, blurbs and testimonials, and let everyone know that you’re looking for interviews and guest posting opportunities.

Blog All About It. 

No one knows your work better than you do, so don’t be afraid to let the world know how amazing you are.  Share this information on your blog, in your email newsletter, and on social media.  Include pictures or snippets from your course to show your audience the value you provide.

While you do this, allow your audience time to get excited about your new offer, so when the time comes to buy, they are more than happy to make a purchase.

Boost Your Posts.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three main avenues in which you can get new eyes on your upcoming online course, masterclass, and/or workshop. leading to your launch page are ideal, and can generate a lot of traffic for a very low cost.

Need additional help?

13 Ways to Boost Facebook Page Reach – Without Facebook Ads by John Haydon

How to Use Quick Promote for Twitter (the strategy here includes a paid feature)

7 Tips To Help You Boost Your Content on LinkedIn by Daniel Kosir

Word to the wise:

There are many things on the internet promising small businesses and solopreneurs that if they invest X amount of cash, then they can teach them how to create hundreds of dollars.  It is possible to create a successful online course, masterclass, and/or workshop on your own.  All you really need is a solid plan and strategy.  The rest depends on the amount of effort you put into it and how well you utilize your network.

Best wishes in all that you do.

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Melissa Annalise Halstead is a Knowledge Leverage Expert.  She works with somewhat successful  self-employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to leverage their knowledge effectively and need to monetize their message consistently, without pushing so hard.

What separates her service from other business coaches is that SHE ONLY works with C-Level executives, coaches, speakers, self-employed businesses and SHE ONLY specializes in leveraging their knowledge and monetizing their knowledge, nothing else. Because of this, her clients receive proven, undiluted, and extremely specific step-by-step information on exactly what they need to do to leverage their knowledge. As a result, those who coach with her get their message in front of the right audience, and infuse more cash into their business than they would on their own.

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