7 Ways an Online Course Impacts Your Small Business

7 Ways an Online Course Impacts Your Small Business

Online courses can generate thousands and thousands of dollars for your small business.

Are a steady stream of new clients difficult for you?  Not sure what to do next in your marketing plan?  There’s one simple answer you  probably haven’t thought about:

Create an effective and powerful online course.

It’s true.  Online courses is one of the things that has the power to grow your business in a positive way.  You’ll experience opportunities to grow, expand, meet new clients, and generate some serious cash flow.

Did you know: The online education industry is poised to surpass $240 billion dollars by 2021, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.


Imagine you’re at a networking group or in front of an audience, and you meet two small business owners who specialize in client attraction — something you know you need help with.

One small business owner shares some tips and tricks on landing strong clients.  She mentions she’s been in business for a long time and she can help you grow your business.

Another has a similar history and story, with one added bonus: she just linked you to her online course centered around client attraction.  It’s professionally done that contains all the elements you’re looking for.

Which small business do you think shows more forward thinking and authority in her field?  The one with the online course.  There really is nothing better when it comes to establishing your authority in any niche than having an online course with your name on it.


Why does having a well-crafted online course elevate your status and establish your authority so well?  It gives you a platform to show off your expertise.  You’re presenting your knowledge and offering something your potential client needs.

Not only that, but your clients as well as potential clients are consuming information they need to grow their business.  They’re listening and learning — in that moment — only to you.  That’s a powerful position to be in, and one that gives you an opportunity to really step into the spotlight and showcase your talents.

Market Reach

No matter how many readers Google sends your way, no matter how much traffic your YouTube channel receives, nothing will ever compare to the number of potential clients that will come your way.

Positioned correctly, your online classes, masterclasses, and workshops can reach thousands of new people, and hundreds of potential clients.  Mix that with the authority and expertise that comes with being known as a forward thinking, innovative small business owner, and that is something your competition cannot beat.


When you create mini online courses, you allow potential clients to sample your work.  If it’s high quality, they will be more inclined to make more purchases or even request to be a part of your higher priced programs.

Show your potential clients the value your products have and they will become loyal to your brand.  And they will be your biggest fans.  Remember – it’s the fans that help grow your business.


There are dozens of stories across the internet about how Len Smith makes 6K a month in passive income, or a former math teacher who made a million dollars from his online course, or the guy who  sold ONE online course and made 90K.

This could be you!  Let’s do a quick activity with this: (Name of your small business) makes (place in the dollar amount) per month from online courses.


It bears repeating because the growth with online courses is poised to surpass $240 billion dollars by 2021, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Why not be a part of that growth and allow your business to bask in the delight of growing?  Your bank account will be happy as well.


A successful online course separates you from your competition.  Enough said.

Do you have to have an online course for your small business to be successful?  No.  But there’s no denying the fact that having one more way to help your clients will help your business grow.


Dr. Melissa Halstead helps small businesses and soloprenuers create, develop, and launch online courses, workshops and masterclasses so they can inject more cash into their business.  Book a Power Session today. 

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