5 Days of Online Course Exposure: Host a Twitter Chat

5 Days of Online Course Exposure: Host a Twitter Chat

5 Days of Online Course Exposure: Host a Twitter Chat

With over 328 million regular Twitter users (source) and over 50 million tweets sent each day, the Twitterverse is the place to see and be seen. So why not leverage that power to bring attention to your online course, masterclass, and/or workshop by hosting a Twitter chat? Exchanging tweets with your audience is like holding a really interesting conversation in the middle of a crowded coffee shop; everyone around can’t help but wonder what’s going on.

Here’s how to hold a Twitter chat to boost your online course that will draw attention:

Select a good time to tweet.

Twitter is busiest during weekdays, from late morning to late afternoon. If you post during these peak hours, you have a greater chance of garnering more eyeballs, but you also have more competition than you would if you were tweeting at, say, 2 AM on a Saturday. My suggestion is to forget about picking a peak Twitter time, and instead pick a time that is most convenient for your readers.

Success tip:  You’re going to have to test several times and days to host your twitter chat.  This is the best way to identify when YOUR target audience is on Twitter.

Decide on a topic.

Which is more appealing: “Join me on the Twitter Chat at 9 pm CT! #ReflectEdu” or “Come share ideas on how to get people to sign up for your online course!” The choice is quite obvious. Choose a topic that will cause a buzz as well as interest and people will go out of their way to get there.

Success tip: Pick a topic that’s at least tangentially related to your target market.  I have seen some Twitter chats that have nothing to do with the person’s brand and it confuses people.

Spread the word.

Plan your chat far enough in advance (a week or so) that you can start talking it up. You also want to give readers an opportunity to create a Twitter account and learn the basics before your chat, if they’re not already die-hard tweeters.

Have a giveaway or prize.

Prizes and giveaways always draw attention. You can make it as simple as, “Stop in to our Twitter chat where I’ll give out my number one secret to getting booked for your next speaking gig,” or as complicated as a drawing for a year’s worth of coaching.

Success Tip: Give the prize away at the end of your chat, rather than the beginning, to ensure that people stick around.

Have a hashtag.

Hashtags, or the “#” symbol, are the way Twitter users can track topics and conversations. Create an appropriate hashtag so your chat participants can identify each other.

Success Tip: Keep your hashtag short enough that it won’t take up an unreasonable portion of your allotted 140 characters, but long enough that it’s unique.

Share the hashtag with participants ahead of time so they can track the conversation. Also, add other hashtags with your hashtag.  For example: my hashtag is #ReflectEdu, where small businesses as well as educators (as most educators have sidehustles) reflect on various aspects of their businesses.  I include #entrepreneurs #sidehustle #business #success #onlinecourse #workshops #inspiration to my tweets because I want to cast my net wide and garner more eyes on my twitter posts.

Capture leads.

Have a way to add chat participants to your list. At a minimum, make sure to follow all participants on Twitter. You could ask attendees to sign up for a dedicated email list to be entered in a drawing, or to receive a special report you’ve created for the occasion.

Make your next Twitter chat “the place” to be on Twitter – all it takes is a little bit of planning and a lot of publicity.

I’d love to connect with you on twitter!  @melihalstead

Best wishes in all that you do.

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