5 Days of Online Course Exposure: The Interview Series

5 Days of Online Course Exposure: The Interview Series

5 Days of Online Course Exposure_ The Interview SeriesWe’ve discussed how blog series can be excellent traffic-generating strategies for your online courses, masterclasses, and/or workshop, but there’s one type of series that deserves to be in the spotlight: The interview series.

The interview series is can be:

  • A miniseries – 22 different interviews that are smaller versions of the same bigger picture.
  • A limited series – 13 different interviews on the same topic and then the series ends.
  • An anthology series –  13 different interviews, but each season you have a different topic you explore and share with your readers.

But the premise is the same: You interview a set of people, preferably with a significant audience of their own, on a specific topic and run their answers on your blog as text, audio, or video. For instance, if your market is professional branding for CEO’s, you could interview the “branders of the CEO’s,” asking each one how they got their high-profile clients, what their revenue is like, and the pros and cons of working in a high profile position.

When you interview an expert, it helps your small business in a big way.   It’s one thing when you’re trying to promote a thought or an idea, but when others join you — there is power in that.

No matter which you choose, mini, limited, and/or anthology series, each one is effective for several reasons:

  1. It provides great value to your readers, who will enjoy getting an insider’s view of the topic at hand.
  2. You can generate information rich content without having to spend hours trying to create a new blog post.
  3. It gives consistency to your website or blog, and builds momentum over time.  This gives your readers something regular to look forward to.
  4. It allows you to leverage other people’s audiences. Example: If you interview J.K. Rowling for your celebrity author series, you will gain visibility from people who follow “Harry Potter”.

Success Tip:  Some of these interviews can be included in your online courses, masterclasses, and/or workshops. You can share some of the interview on your blog an encourage your readers to sign up for you online course to get the rest of the goodies.

Creating an interview series is fairly straightforward:

Create a series of targeted questions, generate a list of interviewees, send them out, and when you get answers, post them to your blog as a regular feature. When you post regularly, you can display information regarding your online course, masterclass, and/or workshop in the margins or at the bottom of your blog post.  There are some hints, though, that will make your interview series rock:

  • Keep your questions short and to the point. Make it easy for your interviewees by focusing on only a few targeted queries – about 3 to 10 questions, rather than asking them to write a novel for you.
  • Have a list of interviews ready to go. Before you roll out a “regular” feature, make sure you have enough interviews in the can so you don’t have to take an indefinite break before the next set of responses rolls in.
  • Keep your interviewees in the know. Once you have interviewed the expert, keep them updated as to when you feature their post. This allows them to post a link on their blog and share it with their readers.  The benefit for you is INCREASED traffic to your blog.
  • Encourage responses via audio and video. Audio and video are great ways to increase your audience and appeal to other learning modalities. Some of your interviewees may find it easier to answer your questions via recording, so let them know they’re welcome to do so.
  • Create internal links. Just like with any blog series, drive traffic internally by linking from each post in the series to other posts. Not only does this practice let readers know about the other interviews they may be interested in reading, it also improves your search engine rankings.

If you’d like to take a look at the 6 Tips for Hosting an Interview Series on Your Blog, you can find it here on ProBlogger.

Read more on how interviewing experts can boost your content here.

Best wishes in all that you do.

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