4 Tips on Keeping Your Clients in the Loop

Hello there! Welcome to Day 12 of the 30 Day Client Growth Strategies Training.

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite author or if a company was still in business? Then at out of the clear blue, you’re sent an invitation to purchase a large online course or attend a seminar.  By that time, you’re a bit confused and wondered why you were left out of the loop.

Did you know that business owners lose future clients and current clients because they do not keep them informed of what is going on?


[Tip 1] Offer something useful- like a free chapter or a free sample.  Give your future clients a sample of what you’re working on.  Once you’ve given the future client a sample, be sure to offer a link where they can buy the product after they’ve read your piece.

[Tip 2] Keep your readers in the loop of any future projects you’re working on.  No, you don’t have to reveal the entire product or book, but quite a few businesses have snippets of what they are working on so their future as well as present clients know what is happening.  Plus, this builds traction for future sales.

[Tip 3] Offer discounts for any of your older works.  Discounts always go down well, since any entrepreneur makes a habit of cutting down on unnecessary expenses so they can increase their bottom line. Remember: it could be a discount for a short period of time, or for all existing clients who add another project, or for all existing clients who refer new ones to you.

If it’s a general discount promotion, you could submit the discount coupon to local consumer information centers, as well as coupon sites on the internet.  In fact, advertise it by any means available that will not be visible or cause confusion after the offer has expired.  That could get a little messy.

In other words, don’t go giving out cards offering a discount for June if those cards will still be around by June the following year!

[Tip 4] Get yourself automated so you can schedule the updates so your future and current clients will know what is going on.

And to keep it simple, just remember it is all about make the deal look really good and having it make sense to the future as well as prospective clients.

Not convinced? For a crash course education in how to do it, just watch those late night infomercials! All of which, at some point or another during the show will use these words: “But wait, there’s more…!”

It’s all about the perception of value in your prospects eyes. Stay tuned, next lesson we discuss time to land new business.

With love and abundance,


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