How Multi-tasking Stops the Flow of Clients

Today is the first day of our #30DayChallenge — the 30 Day Client Growth Strategies Training — so you can you inject more cash into your business.  Congratulations on taking this giant leap for your business!

Who is the 30 Day Client Growth Strategy Training for?

  • C-Level Executives
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Small Businesses
  • Anyone who wants to increase their client base

As much as I would love to have you roll up your sleeves and get dirty, you cannot.  The first strategy has a little to do with TOUGH LOVE.  Simply put, it’s time to put your ability to multitask to the side.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s time to switch your habit of multitasking to one of single-tasking.  This fabulous book Organize your MIND, Organize your LIFE: Train Your Brain to Get More Done in Less Time by Dr. Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore explains why successful people do not entertain the idea of juggling several tasks at the same time.

Multitasking is one of the biggest time wasters and mistakes any you can do for and within your business.  The sooner you’re able to focus on one task at a time, the sooner you’ll see results in your business.

How will you organize your business to increase your client load? (Photo credit: Pixabay)

How will you organize your business to increase your client load? (Photo credit: Pixabay)

I’m often asked how I run 2 thriving businesses, conduct academic research, edit anthologies, hang out with my kiddos, network, build my community of amazing people, and more without working myself to the ground.

Here is one of the KEY things I do in place of multitasking:

This step shown in the video is an important and critical strategy to utilize.  Unfinished items go back on your list and tomorrow you pick 7 items to work on.  Your list can include unfinished items, but it doesn’t have to.  Putting this strategy will help you get a lot of tasks completed and minimize distractions.

I invite you to try this strategy for a week and let me know the results.

Best wishes in all that you do,


Melissa Annalise Halstead is a Knowledge Leverage Expert.  She works with somewhat successful  self-employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to leverage their knowledge effectively and need to monetize their message consistently, without pushing so hard.
What separates her service from other business coaches is that SHE ONLY works with C-Level executives, coaches, speakers, self-employed businesses and SHE ONLY specializes in leveraging their knowledge and monetizing their knowledge, nothing else. Because of this, her clients receive proven, undiluted, and extremely specific step-by-step information on exactly what they need to do to leverage their knowledge. As a result, those who coach with her get their message in front of the right audience, and infuse more cash into their business than they would on their own.
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