Market Mondays: Count your Blessings and Serve Others

Untitled design copyGreetings my amazing writing creatives! Thank you so much for being here today.

In the previous weeks, we enjoyed the warm summer weather and went on some adventures. As the cool, crisp autumn air lingers longer and longer with each passing day, we have a tendency to look within. We look at what we’ve done in the past months and assess where we are now.  Sometimes, we like what we see and other areas are in dire need of improvement.  Nonetheless, you are very blessed!

Just recently, I wrote in my gratitude journal and realized how much abundance I have in my life.  This forced me to look outward and see what I could share with others.  Over the years, I have collected some items that no longer have a purpose in my life, however there are people who are praying everyday for that very thing.  Granted, I may not connect with those people, but I can share what I have with others.

When you count your blessings and serve others.  The universe reflect this.  You are blessed and served – Melissa Halstead

The Art of Counting your Blessings and Serving Others.

Sometimes it’s hard to count your blessings and serve others because you’ve got so much going on in your life. As odd as it sounds, this is the perfect time to be serving others because they are able to help you put your life into focus.

A student of mine kept complaining about her life and lamented on how she always got the short end of the stick on everything.  Nothing was going her way and if only she had certain things in her life, then she would be better off.  One day, she stopped complaining.  Rather than whine about everything, she counted her blessings.  She became more active in school and made more connections with other students. Her frown changed into a beautiful smile.

I never did ask her what shifted her thought process because I knew she would eventually share it with me.  Someone in her family passed away and she realized that life was too short.  She wanted to be remembered as someone who was giving to others.

When you change your mindset and move from lack to abundance, your world immediately changes.

5 Books to Help You With Counting your Blessings and Serving Others.

Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others by Cheryl A. Bachelder

The Greatness Principle: Finding Significance and Joy by Serving Others by Nelson Searcy

The Power of Serving Others: You Can Start Where You Are

by Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson

Gratitude Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Gratitude by Gabi Rupp

Gratitude: A Way Of Life by Louise L. Hay

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Here is a song that embraces serving others:

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