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My journey into the world of tarot was one of a few twists and turns.  When I was a small child, my first angel appeared in front of me and this gift has remained with me throughout my life.  My experience with understanding the spirits has been a big game of charades.  They come before me with a message and I tried to figure out their message.  Often times they delivered their messages to me in dreams or symbols around me.

I’ve been very adept at reading people since I was a small child.  It’s a combination of being deaf, talking with angels and my guides, and conversing with spirits.  When someone introduced Tarot cards, I was terrified.  For years, people around me whispered and pointed at the cards.  The words that surrounded them were: devil, evil, bad, not good, going to hell among other statements.

The first time I saw tarot cards less than 3 feet away from me was at a restaurant in New Orleans.  A friend of a friend was practicing and wanted to read for me.  I figured why not considering the salt and pepper shaker proved to be a good buffer and the St. Louis Cathedral was less than a few blocks away from me (should I need the help of a good priest). Her message was filled with gloom and doom, with a lot of shuffling through the book.  Granted she was a student and was learning, it terrified me.

Traumatized from that incident, I came across a book in the library about fortune telling with playing cards.  Playing cards felt safe to me and I wasn’t messing with “those” cards.  Fast forward 12 years later.  I found myself drawn to Collette Baron Reid’s Oracle deck.  The pictures made sense and before I knew it, I was able to understand my angels clearly.  Keep in mind, a lot of work goes into creating a safe energetic space around me before I start reading because I’ve come face-to-face with some lower energy forms.  They can go towards the light because my business is with those who are on a higher plane.  We are going places.  We’ve got things to do, messages to share, and love to spread.


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Now, I can see and talk with spirits who have passed over to the other side.  Rather than play charades and figure out what message spirits want to share with their loved ones, I now utilize my dreams, stones, songs, tarot, pendulums, oracles, and spiritual impressions from my spirit guides.

My belief of how TAROT works:

As a teacher, I see so many unique students that come through my classroom.  Each of them learn in different ways.  One lesson is presented seven different ways because people process information in a unique way.  Tarot is one language of the spirits.  Our brains are inherently visual and pictures are a great way to get a clear message of the energies surrounding a certain situation.

I have a very strong chemistry background, which has aspects of Physics embedded within and I believe that TAROT operates on a metaphysical level.  We have a solid understanding of Physics and scientists can break down the quantum theory, explain the Pauli Exclusion Principle or Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  Scientists can quantify wavelengths along with what happens when two atoms smash together.  At the end of it all, we are all made of energy and energy is wavelengths.

Each seeker (you) has a unique way of transmitting energy around them and I receive the message using a variety of mediums.  Before going into a reading, I create a space where I’m able to elevate my energy to connect with my spirit guides.  My amazing guides allow me to tap into the energy matrix and shows me the best way to ensure the seeker (you) gets the very best message.


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I believe that the spirits can see the cards and they concentrate their energies on those cards, so when we shuffle, spread, split, and lay out — it is intended.  Some people rely on only the images and they read the story as they see it.  However, when I am shuffling the cards — images come at me in rapid succession.  I have to stop shuffling and write down as quickly as I can.  What I’ve been doing is recording what I see because it happens so fast.  Every single time, I have NO idea what the images refer to, but I am sure to share with my clients.

After I capture what I “see”, then I continue to shuffle, split, and spread.  Since the images come to me in rapid succession, the cards are like photographs.  Like a family photo album, where every picture has a long story behind it.  The cards are the same way, each picture has a long story behind it.  What’s more interesting is two readings can have the same layout for two different clients, and the story will be very different.  That’s where we start stepping into the realm of metaphysics.  We can understand the physics part, but the meta has me stumped at times.

Writer’s Oracle Intuitive Connection Activity:

Anyone can read tarot and learn how to interact with their higher self/spirit guide/angels.  The secret to being a highly receptive to the messages your spirits wants to share with you through tarot is to stay connected to your surroundings.  Allow your intuition guide you into the realm of where your spirit guides and angels reside.  It’s always a good idea to center yourself and remain there so you can open the pathway for ideas to flow freely in your direction. Make it a regular practice to surround yourself with white light and clearly state that only beings that resonate on a high frequency can communicate with you.

Strengthen your connection with your guides and angels: Ask your oracle/tarot cards what you need to connect with your spirit, shuffle as you think upon that question, fan them out before you, and then pull one.  Look at the card and absorb all the rich imagery.  Allow the card to speak to you before you rush off and look up what the meanings mean.  Jot down some notes below:

  • What card did you draw/pull?
  • My first impressions are:
  • What does the symbolism mean to you?
  • What is needed – according to the card combined with your intuition – to connect to the your spirit?

Bright Blessings and Peace,

Melissa Halstead | (c) 2015


Melissa’s method of success comes from the 15 years of teaching and working with hundreds of people. She believes in hands-on work coupled with tutorials and mentoring is the BEST recipe for success. Her main passion is to help people love what they do and become the very best they can be.  Tarot allows her to be a conduit to help those on their mission.

Her years of teaching coupled with working with hundreds of people, allows her to deliver the message from a place of peace, love, and understanding. When she is not reading and helping people become the very best they can be, she helps people write their books so they can make a name for themselves.  After all, the spirit within each of us has a story to share!

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    It’s nice to get to know you through the blog hop! I’m sorry to hear about your first experience with tarot. Definitely cringe-worthy. I’m so glad you found a better way to connect with the cards! Cheers!

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