Hollywood Secret: It’s ALL about the Pre-Launch

It’s all about the Pre-Launch

1 copy 2When I was a kid, one of my favorite things about watching movies was the anticipation of the movie release.  Many companies let you know when a movie will be released weeks, if not months, ahead of time.

They bombard you with snippets of the movie — you know — just enough to grab your attention and you’re uttering the words to your friends: I. want. to. watch. that. movie.

Just recently, this happened to me when Jurassic World commercial came out.  The pre-launch strategy was to connect Jurassic Park — the feelings and emotions that came with the movie to the Jurassic World.  How could anyone forget that movie?  It was about dinosaurs created from DNA found in a mosquito stuck in amber.  It’s the perfect fantasy for anyone who was ever a kind and loved dinosaurs.

What was even better was the idea of a park where people could go see these dinosaurs.  We all knew that was going to be a bad mix, but hell.. why not?!

Since the release of the first commercial, our house was a buzz.  Would it be better than Jurassic Park?  What kind of craziness is going to break out in the new movie?  We even went as far as to watch Jurassic Park again.  Great times.

The film industry does a fantastic job of pre-launch and we can learn a few tips from them.

One of the best strategies to launch a product is to use what’s called a pre-launch. This tactic can help build a buzz about your pending product launch. It can also help your existing customers and subscribers gain an advantage – which is sure to be appreciated.

Writer’s Oracle Tip: People already on your list LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when you share an upcoming event or release of a product with them before the public knows about it.  People want to be part of something exclusive.  Think of some ways you can do this for your existing list!

What is a Pre-Launch?

If you look up the concept of “pre-launch” on the web, there is a smorgasbord of information.  It’s rather overwhelming.

No worries.  I’m about to help an amazing creative out!

A pre-launch is essentially a planned phase before you launch a product. It generally lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Take care to not drag it on too long because you can then turn people off and lose prospects. During your pre-launch phase you can:

Market to your email list – this is actually the first pre-launch tactic you want to consider because these people have already expressed an interest in buying your products or services. And many probably already have. It’s a pre-qualified list. Consider giving them not only advanced information about your new product but also a discount or the ability to buy your new product before it’s available to the general public.

Photo credit: Ben_Kerckx

Photo credit: Ben_Kerckx

And many experts will tell you to spend a few weeks or months actually working on building your opt in list. There is a reason for this: you’ll have more people to market to when pre-launch and launch time comes around.

What does one do if they have NO list or a small list?  I’ve got your back with this one.  Take a look at the next idea.

Market to your social networking friends and followers – you can actually use your social networking connections to build your list. You can also follow a similar approach with your social networking connections as you do with your subscribers. Give them inside information and consider offering all your Facebook Fans, for example, a coupon. Publish the coupon on your Fan page and include a link to your site. They enter the code and receive a discount.

Writer’s Oracle Tip: Remember the 80/20 rule when sharing your product on social media.  Make sure you’re sharing a boat load of helpful information and somewhere in there, share snippets of your product.

Content marketing – go the extra mile and publish more content than you normally do. Use article marketing sites, your own blog and website and also consider being a guest writer and blogger. Make sure each piece of content you publish somehow supports your pending product launch.

Writer’s Oracle Tip: Step out of your comfort zone and ask others if you can contribute to their blog.  Three points to remember:

(1) Find a way that your article will bring traffic to their blog: offer to tweet out their blog, share the link on several groups in FB, etc.

(2) When you ask to be a guest blog, be sure you’re familiar with the person’s platform so your piece meshes with their website vibe.

(3) On your own blog.  For example, if you’re launching a home study course on how to build a personal improvement business you might publish 20 articles that all support your prospective customers. You might offer an article on how to identify the areas that need improvement. You might write an article on how to create a schedule for a peace of mind and so on. Each article will provide valuable information but not tell the whole story.

Go viral – release a video, special report or other product that has the potential to go viral. Don’t require an opt in to access it. Just send it to your list, promote it online and make it available to anyone. Include in the freebie a link to your website sales page or a short promotion.

Writer’s Oracle Tip: Have fun when you’re creating a video.  You can make a quick video using your smartphone, upload it directly to YouTube or if you want, upload it to your computer, edit, enhance, and upload to YouTube.

The pre-launch phase can be as important to your sales success as the actual launch. Spend some time planning your strategy. Enjoy the success of your launch with a successful pre-launch.

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(c) Melissa Halstead | Writer’s Oracle 2015

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