Week of Aug 9, 2015 Outlook

August 9

Seven of Swords + Four of Wands Reversed + Ace of Pentacles

Maximize your Week with the Sunday Weekly Snapshot. I’m all about using tarot to give a person a sneak peek as to what the week will bring.  It allows YOU to figure out what bullets (metaphorically or even real ones) to dodge, as well as maximize the good stuff coming your way.  Granted, the tarot is not the be all end all, but coupled with your kick ass intuition and street smarts, you’ll benefit from the loads of information garnered from the cards.

Beginning of the Week: Seven of Swords

There might be someone in your life that is a bit sneaky, so watch out.  Also, things might not go as planned.

Middle of the Week: Four of Wands Reversed

You’re learning to appreciate the little joys of life, whatever that may mean for you.  Give thanks for big and small things around you.

End of the Week: Ace of Pentacles

Financial prosperity, wealth, and a new business are budding.  This is great news, so get going!

SignatureBright Blessings,

Sometimes people stumble when trying to find their TRUTH because they have something blocking them.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you feel that you’re slamming into a brick wall with the same lessons over and over again?  Do you ask yourself why the HELL do you sabotage your relationships with people? Why does money or love seem to be such a BIG issue for you?  Why does that perfect job seem far out of reach for you?  Learn how to work past those issues that are holding your ass back.  The roadblocks you experience might be a result from your past life.

Figure out what’s stopping you from achieving the following: happiness, money, love, financial stability, a stronger connection with your significant other, reaching your dreams, being the person you’ve always wanted to be and more.  ORDER a reading today.

Meli Halstead is a kickass intuitive teacher and oracle/tarot reader who helps writers get to the core of their TRUTH .  She has held several workshops to help writers get in touch with their spiritual mission and get their message out to others.  Her goal for the 2015 – 2016 year is to help 1300 writers write their book with the help of tarot/oracles.

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