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Did you know that there are 5 Book Launch Mistakes people make?

Over the past few days, emails came in from my readers asking a similar question after they’ve read my blog post on the 3 Tips to Plan A Kickass Book Launch.  My great readers, you asked: How can I launch XX with great success?

For some of you, you’re wanting to launch a webinar for your book or virtual product based on your book, or a host a scopinar on periscope.  No matter what the medium is, here are 5 Virtual Product/Book Launch Mistakes that prevent you from being totally kickass.

While many of you have several different mediums in which you are launching, I focus primarily on the book launch.  However, know that change the word “book” to whatever you’re trying to pimp out.

Why do we even have fences anyways?

A strong plan allows you to stay on track.  Photo: Pixabay

Your book launch is a big deal. It can help increase your website traffic, exposure, credibility and of course your profits. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears.  Also, most likely, you’ve given your soul to the dark gods of the ether just so you have a good launch.  Right?

Take a deep breath and know that you’ll do just fine if you follow the steps I’ve outlined below.  Before you start reading, KNOW that even the best marketers make mistakes during their book launch. Here are the most common, and potentially costly, mistakes made and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #:1 Not Creating a CLEAR Plan

Okay, so you probably won’t make this mistake but it happens. Book launches take careful planning. You want to create goals for every step of the process from building your email list to following up with customers. You also want to plan how you’re going to market, sell, test, and fulfill your book. In fact, the planning part of a book launch may be the most important phase. Failing to plan can be costly.

Mistake #2: Putting the Cart BEFORE the Horse

A pre-launch is an important step in a successful launch. However, imagine how you’d feel if a company announced that they were going to launch a new wonderful product and then one month goes by and nothing – except maybe more messages about this amazing product they’re going to launch. Two months go by and nothing. Three months, four months. Eventually, probably much sooner than you’d think, you give up. You don’t’ even want that product anymore because you’ve moved on.

This is for those who are launching a virtual product : if you announce too early you risk letting your competition gain the advantage. If it takes you too long they can create a competitive promotion or, gasp, a better product.

Mistake #3: Not Reaching out and Marketing to Your Subscribers

Your email list, aka opt in list or subscriber list, are prequalified prospects. Prequalified! They’re likely going to provide you with the most profits and highest conversion rate. Why on earth wouldn’t you market to them? Crazy, right? Well it happens. People get very caught up on gaining new customers and prospects and they forget the assets they have.  Even if you have a small list – market to them.

Mistake #4: Delaying the Announcement

You want to make sure there’s enough time to build interest. This is kind of like driving a standard — you need to find the sweet spot in the clutch.  You don’t want to launch too early or too late.  A few weeks, at the most, should be sufficient to make sure your viral marketing efforts, promotions and advertisements have done their job.

Mistake #5: Not Following Up with the People that are Interested in YOU!

Once you launch the promotion isn’t over. Make sure you follow up with your list and with those customers who have made a purchase. This is a perfect time to upsell and create a new promotion.

Everyone makes mistakes and there are sure to be a few stumbles with any product launch. Make sure they’re minor stumbles by planning properly and avoiding the above mistakes at all costs!

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Meli Halstead is a kickass intuitive teacher and oracle/tarot reader who helps writers get to the core of their TRUTH . She has held several workshops to help writers get in touch with their spiritual mission and get their message out to others. Her goal for the 2015 – 2016 year is to help 1300 writers write their book with the help of tarot/oracles.

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