Market Monday: Sisters of the Seasons

Market Monday

The Sisters of the Seasons message shows up for Market Mondays this week.  They indicate a month from now we will be leaving the Summer and easing into the Autumn. In some ways, the Sisters of the Seasons gently guide us into the next cycle of life.  Over the past few weeks, we gradually went from really high temps to lower temps.

Sisters of the Seasons

Sometimes it feels as if we don’t experience the seasons of life long enough.  The other day I stepped outside and it felt as if I were going to melt because of the scorching heat.  Less than three days later, I had to put on a light jacket because of the morning chill. Despite what the Sisters of the Seasons place upon us, we are ready and we embrace whatever comes our way.

The Writing Seasons

Writing a book is very seasonal.

There are times when you feel as if you’ve got nothing but ideas flowing like an eternal spring (Spring).  Any ideas that spring forth, jot them down.  Sometimes they might not make any sense, but still write it down anyways.  You never know when you’re going to get an ‘ah-ha’ moment.  For some people, they like the idea of using an audio-recorder while others use the memo feature on their phones.

Those ideas are fun and you want to play with a few ideas to compile them into a book (Summer).  Find some ways you can thread common themes together into chapters or a single book.  You will not use all of your ideas that you’ve jotted down, but do not worry.  Those ideas can be converted into an opt in or an article.

Then it’s time to reveal your thoughts into a coherent flow so your readers will understand your message (Fall). Do a test run and see if your book is a viable one by posting a few passages in a blog.  If one piece from your book was not well received, then you know that your readers will not be impressed with that content being in your book.  If another piece from your book was well received by your readers on your blog, then you know to build upon that.   It’s better to know this upfront.

Write your book with the seasons.Once you’ve written your book, your creative ideas kind of take a backseat as you ramp up your strategies to publish your material (Winter).  If you’ve done your homework and have properly prepared for your book launch a few weeks prior to your launch, then you’re all set.  I wish you nothing but the very best in this area!

Tip: The seasons do not have to be literal.  They can be figurative.  We all go through the cycle of life many different times.

5 Books that Reflections the Seasons of Life

Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom by Yongey Mingyur, Eric Swanson

The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge

There Is A Season: A Memoir by Patrick Lane

Soil and Sacrament: Four Seasons Among the Keepers of the Earth by Fred Bahnson

Seasons of Death and Life: A Wilderness Memoir by Maggie Ross

5 Paying Markets that Want Your Seasonal Stories Today

Snowy Egret

Accepts essays on human relationship to the natural world and first-hand experiences

Bayou Magazine

Accepts short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from established as well as emerging writers.

The Cat’s Meow for Writers and Reading Magazine

Accepts poetry, short stories, haikus, flash fiction, and essays of new and established writers.

Narrative Magazine

Accepts personal essays and much more. For experienced writers.

Literal Latte

Accepts personal essays, all topics.

Here is a song that embraces the cycle of life:

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