Five Reasons Why You Should Publish on Kindle

Five Reasons Why You Should Publish on KindleI’ve got a dirty little secret.  I love buying books on Kindle. Note the plural in the word book.  While, going to the library brings me great joy, here’s something magical about typing in a few keywords in the search box.  My heart skips a beat when a bunch of book suggestions pop up.  Do you know what this does to my literary brain?

Yes.  It causes the dopamine in my brain to unleash the fury as I scan the options splashed across my screen.

I’m spoiled for choice, but sometimes I don’t find what I crave.  It is this point that makes me wish the person who was meant to write it would get on the ball so I could read that shit.

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.  –Vera Nazarian

I know I’m not alone in this plight of craving a damn good book to read, so you — yes, you — need to get on the ball.  Dust your manuscript and publish your work on Kindle so the rest of the world can get their literary fix.

Five Reasons Why You Should Publish on Kindle

You might be wondering how you could publish on the Kindle if you’ve never written anything longer than a grocery list. Or you’re deathly afraid of allowing your manuscript to see the light of day.

Squash all your fear! Read on and find out why you should make the effort and why publishing on Kindle is not as scary and challenging as you may think.

1) A voracious market

With more and more Kindle owners looking for information to add to their new reading devices, you’ve got a ready-made market. And if you have a book in the Kindle store on a topic they’re interested in, they may well find it — and buy it.  With many Kindle books priced at impulse-purchase levels, people end up clicking “buy” a lot more often than they used to, especially since they can get the information immediately.

Quick Action Step: 

What is your book about?  Check and see if there are similar books to the one you’ve written.  This will allow you to position yourself well in your niche.

What other books did the readers purchase?  This might give you an idea for a sequel or a future product to help your clients.

2) Find your audience

Whether you’ve got valuable info you want to get into the public’s hands, or whether you are simply looking for more clients and customers, getting published on Kindle gives you an easy way to be found.  Say you’re a relationship expert or a person who knows how to knit mermaid tails.

Make ConnectionsYou can publish a book on Kindle and include information about your services, and maybe a free gift in the form of a special report or download. People are hoarders of information and they will pay to have the knowledge you can share with them.

Not only will they find you, they will buy your Kindle book, and then visit your website to collect their free gift — and join your ever-growing mailing list.

Quick Action Step:

Identify the places you can find your audience and position yourself as an expert!

Have you checked out Vine, Google+, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Meetup?


3) Be an instant expert

Let’s face it: People are impressed by authors.  Think about it — You’re impressed by authors, and you want to be an author yourself!

Kindle makes it very easy to become an author.  Once you have assembled your book, you can upload it to the Kindle store in less than an hour.  Even better, English language books are generally approved within 24 hours.

Once you’re published, just add the link to your email signature and start adding “Author of [Your book’s name here]” after your name.  You’ll gain instant status, which will help you get more press coverage, more attention, and more peeps wanting your stuff.

Quick Action Step:

Identify what you’re an expert in and start compiling information to include in your book.

4) It’s easy and fast

Getting published on Kindle is not the sort of ordeal most people associate with getting published in the traditional manner.  You upload your book and your cover, answer a few questions, create a description, and you’re done.

However, Kindle publishing is not for everyone and that is okay.  Some writers have a dream of getting published in a traditional manner.  Know that no matter what avenue you choose for your book, you’re a published author.

Quick Action Step:

Take a moment to look at what resonates with you.  Are you wanting to be published in a traditional manner?  Why?  Why not?

Are you wanting to be published via Kindle?  Why? Why not?

5) You can earn royalties

Before we delve into the beauty of earning royalties, take a moment and listen to Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”:

Donna Summer’s song resonates with me because many writer’s I’ve talked with say that “they’ve worked hard for their money royalties”.  At a local renaissance festival, a writer set up a small table and dressed up in gypsy clothing to promote their book.  Another writer set up shop at Barnes and Noble.  At the end of the day, the end game is royalties.  You’re out there looking pretty and hustling your book.

Getting published on Kindle is not only free, but you can earn royalties too.  And a whole lot more royalties than you’d ever get from a traditional publisher.  If you’re publishing a print book with a traditional publisher, your share of the profits may be less than $1 a book.  With Kindle, you can get up to 70% of the purchase price! If course, you need to sell books in order to earn royalties.  The good news is that Amazon is giving you a hand there, too. Amazon actually helps you market your book in the Kindle store – and beyond, by providing a sales page, and by putting your book in front of browsers looking at related books.

Getting published on Kindle can be cause you and your wallet to feel warm and fuzzy. And considering how easy it is, there’s little reason not to make the effort and add that “Author of…” tagline after your name.

Also, don’t stop there.  Once you’ve established yourself with Kindle, ask your readers if they use other platforms such as Barnes and Noble’s Nook or Apples iBooks.  You can convert your material to that format and reach more people.

SignatureGood luck and rock on!  Let me know if you’ve published your book on Kindle so I can check it out.

Do you want to know what you should write next?  Do you have fragments of a story in your mind, but don’t know how to organize your thoughts?  Ideas coming in fragments?  Toying with some concepts?  Not sure what to write next?  Looking for inspiration?  Look no further as this is the spread for you. This reading will help you focus on your next book idea.

You have a mission in life and you have an incredible story to share with others, but you’re not sure how to launch your book.  It may be a non-fiction book or a memoir, or something else.  Check out my Book a Reading page for more information.

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