Five Reasons It’s Easy to Create a Kindle Book

Five Reasons It's Easy to Create a Kindle

Your imagination tugs at you and nags you to write your thoughts out.  You push the idea to the side because it’s not the writing part that is hard, but the publishing.  Or maybe it’s the writing that scares the pants off you and the publishing part is easy as pie.  No matter what, there is someone out there that wants to read what you have to share.  But chances are that you’re like most people and are intimidated by the idea of putting your thoughts together into a book. Here are a few ideas that should make the task a lot less daunting than it might seem at first glance.

1) It doesn’t have to be “book-length”

People are surprised when I tell them that they do not have to write 50,000 words or even 20,000.  Remember, it’s quality over quantity.  Your Kindle book does not have to be what you would consider “book-length.”  Not even close.

In fact, your Kindle book can have just a few pages.  Just find the sweet spot between delivering on the promise you made in the title and description, length, and price. If the book is very short, you may opt for charging just 99 cents, the lowest permissible price currently on Kindle.  You probably won’t get rich from the royalties, but at 99 cents, your book could be a terrific impulse buy and get you lots of leads.

I’ve purchased some Kindle books that had quality information in a few pages.  Keep in mind that you’ll piss a lot of people off if you sell a book for $50 and you have three pages in there.  Do a bit of research and see what the sweet spot is for your market.

2) Kindle pages are smaller than regular pages

Not only does your Kindle book not have to contain very many pages, but the pages themselves don’t hold as much text as your regular page.

Simply reformat your pages to Kindle’s A5 format, and you’ll discover that your 2000-word essay has become a lot longer!  Remember, you want to pack information heavy tips, tricks, quotes, and more for your readers.  You want them to fall in love with the content you’ve included in your book, so they will be repeat buyers.  This spells great success for your future Kindle books!

3) Look in your hard drive, journals, or blogs for gold mines

Do you have a collection of articles you’ve written for article directories?  If so, you’ve got the start of a strong book already stored in your computer or journal.  Gather a few of your articles, arrange them into a logical sequence, fill in any gaps, write an introduction and a conclusion, add a table of contents, a resource section, and a brief bio.  And bingo: Instant Kindle book.

Don’t have articles or journal entries? No worries.  Turn to your blog and mine it for pieces you can compile together under one umbrella.  The beautiful thing about this is that once you have published your first Kindle book, you can grab a few more posts, and assemble your second book in short order.  You’ll be a multi-published author in no time.

4) Rewrite content from PLR’s

If you have purchased PLR content, which is “Private Label Content,” you also received permission to republish that content under your own name.

A word of caution: while it is a bit tempting to just repackage the content and slap your name on the PLR, it would be wise for you to rewrite the information in your own words.  You also want to reassemble the contents and add in some heavy doses of your own information before you publish the information in a Kindle book.  There’s nothing more disappointing than purchasing a book knowing you already bought the same information from another author.

5) Write your content from scratch

If you don’t have pre-written articles, journal entries, blog posts, or appropriate PLR content, here’s a way to start writing new content yourself.

Just write articles, one at a time, and publish them on your blog or in article directories, or maybe both.  Once you have a few, proceed as in option 3. If you’re still stuck on generating topic ideas, browse through this blogs as I have quite a bit of ideas on how you can generate content for you blogs, articles, and books.

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Still intimidated?  I hope not.  Creating the content for your Kindle book doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.  Keep the books themselves manageable in size and sell them for a low price.

Take the ideas in your head and turn them into a money making book.  Get your Kindle book published today.  You’ve got this!


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