Books and Tarot: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

How do books and tarot come together?

How do books and tarot come together?

Beginning: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands holds a single wand in his hand as he sits atop his beast.  I found this to be a chilling parallel in the book because in the background, Annie Sullivan’s abductor is watching her from a distance.  He is a muscular man who has a lot of strength.  32 year old, real estate agent Annie Sullivan is unaware that she is being watched until one day she is abducted.

The man she calls “The Freak” sets up a cozy abode for them in the remote mountains.  Here is another instance of the Knight of Wands showing up because The Freak, like the Knight establishes their new life in a remote cabin in the mountains.  This is her new life or so he says.  He tries to construct a stable home, but it is far from stable.  The Freak is very much like the Knight of Wands because he wants to be the romancer and knowledgeable lover.

In this instance, the wands represent destructive forces.

Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Middle: Temperance

Temperance comes into the mix in the middle of the book when Annie learns to temper her desire to escape and to resist the rigid schedule and rules The Freak has imposed upon her.  She realizes that she must work in harmony with him in order to bring peace to her world.  The yin and yang theme is strong here and what I found to be very interesting is that when yin and yang come together, it results in a baby.  I felt that Chevy Stevens incorporated this curveball into the story so very well.

End: Two of Wands

She does manage to escape her captor.  How?  I will leave some mystery to the book.  When Annie works closely with the police, she gathers all of her strength and looks out into the horizon for information about her captor.  She started the ball rolling when she escaped and made it to the police station.  Everyone is surprised that she is alive because she has been missing for a year.

Annie works with the police officers in catching and learning the identity of her kidnapper.  During the process, she learns something that will change her world and destroy all trust she had in the two people closest to her.

In this instance, the wands represent constructive forces.

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