3 Tips to Plan A Kickass Book Launch

3 Tips to Plan a Kickass Book Launch!

3 Tips to Plan a Kickass Book Launch!

Writer’s love creating the characters and scenes in their books.  They spend countless hours weaving words together to form an intelligent story.  Their world is immersed in memories, dialogues, and other nuances that eventually form into a book.

Some of you are working on a short story collection or a novel.  Others are working on something within the non-fiction realm such as a memoir or a “how-to” book that highlights some amazing skills you’re wanting to share with others so they can be as successful as you.

Many writer’s I meet want to have the ability to create their work and then get published.  They kind of want to gloss over the steps in-between are very critical such as editing, polishing, and planning the perfect book launch.

While editing and polishing are important components of the process, the main focus of this article is to share 3 tips to plan a kickass book launch.

Unless you’re a famous person or you’ve spent a chunk of your time building a huge fan-base, no one is going to know who the heck you are and your book is going to fade into the depths of oblivion.

Let’s prevent this moment of despair from happening and plan for a kickass book launch.

The beautiful thing about working on a book launch is that you can do these steps BEFORE the final publication of your book.  Many authors I know have their fans pre-order their books and this gives these authors a chance to connect with their audience.

#1: Clarify your Vision

Define your what and your why on a piece of paper.  Get your vision in writing.  Why?  You’re more likely to move into action when your vision is translated into words.  As a writer, you already know there is something magical about translating your thoughts onto paper.

If you want a kickass and successful book launch, it’s critical to clarify your vision.  It needs to be crystal clear.  No air bubbles.

Ask yourself and answer the following question:  What is your primary goal? 

Some writers are looking to:

  • Sell more books
  • Land speaking engagements
  • Increase traffic to their blog
  • Increase social media traffic
  • Build an opt-in list
  • Increase awareness and exposure

Your answers may be different from the examples and this is okay.

Consider what your vision is and write them down.  This is a very important step.  Be sure they are SMART


#2: Create a plan to make your kickass book launch a reality.

In the previous step, you wrote down your vision and goals.  Now, for each bullet point you created for #1, you want to create a detailed plan on HOW you’re going to achieve it.

Are you going to utilize social media, local writing groups, tv, cable, radio, and more?

For each marketing action, you’ll need to create goals and a specific plan.  For example, you want to use Facebook to spread awareness.  You’re going to want to:

  • Create a Fan Page to promote your book.
  • Host a Q and A, where the audience can ask you questions about your amazing book.
  • Host a contest/prize giveaway
  • Ask others to like and share

When you’ve created a plan, you’ll be so amazed at how streamlined your launch will be.

#3:  Break your Launch into Bite sized Pieces.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with the pre-launching stages of your book, but have no fear.  You can do this.

Keep in mind, the 3 most common product launch stages are:


Creating a kickass launch is an exciting time.  Make sure it delivers everything you want by carefully planning each state, tactic, and goal.  You can rinse and repeat these steps with new future book launch.

SignatureGood luck and rock on!

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