3 Simple Financial Freedom Tips for Creatives

3 Simple

Over the past few weeks, my clients have come to me asking how they can improve their finances and achieve financial enlightenment.  Rather than offer my two cents, I consult my cards because I am need a clearer snapshot of what is going on in their financial lives.  Each person has a unique situation.  More often than not, the people that inquire are lacking in one important area: spiritual enlightenment.

What in the world does spiritual enlightenment have anything to do with financial freedom?

Granted, some people that seek advice and a reading are spiritually connected and are working towards achieve spiritual enlightenment.  However, the path towards spiritual enlightenment is journey filled with highs and lows.  Often times than not, people try to fix an aspect in their lives that is broken while ignoring another.  I understand as well as the next person about wanting financial freedom, but this will not happen until one steps into the realm of controlling their physical desires.

Once, a seeker came to me and wondered why she was not making money as a writer.  When I threw down her cards, the answer was evident: she was worried about making ends meet and was chasing the dollar.  She didn’t care what she wrote about because she hoped it would be the next big thing.

What did this mean?  Since her spiritual energy was focused on acquiring money and trying to figure out a way to make more of her money, she did not see that her irresponsible ways of handling her finances was what made her in the situation she was in.  Furthermore, her desire to make money closed her heart and ears away from her spirit guides.  I counseled her to listen and step into the spirit as her angels would guide her in the right direction.

If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow. — Brendon Burchard

Many tend to think that financial freedom is something that cannot be achieved. Others think of it as a myth. This mentality has deeply sunk into their brains to an extent of the whole concept become just but an illusion to them. They have totally given up on the idea and the word ‘financial freedom’ is no longer part of their vocabulary. This should not be the case. On the contrary, achieving spiritual enlightenment is as easy as ABC. All that you should do is to follow some three simple rules and you will be on your way to a strong spiritual life.

Rule Number 1: Do Not Live Above Your Means.

 This is one of the main reasons why many can never achieve spiritual enlightenment. Living above your means simply means that you tend to ignore the abundance that exists around you. In the long run, you end up spiritually disconnected from the bigger things in life. Your pin all of your future hopes of earning money only to spend it towards unnecessary luxuries.

Stop and breathe in the beauty of the world around you. There are a lot of luxuries that one can get rid of and still live comfortably. For example:

  • carpooling or riding the metro on a daily basis when going to work
  • walking for the next two months to save money and buy your own car in the third month
  • finding creative ways to make your clothes last
  • find a cheaper phone carrier
  • putting away the TV and enjoy the great outdoors
  • playing games with your family

These are some of the ways you can save up and maintain a peace of mind.  Your spiritual health will appreciate and thank you!

Why this is important:  When you’re worried about where your rent money is going to come from, it’s very hard to step into the creative mode.  Your mind constantly shifts over to survival mode rather than creative mode.  Do yourself and live within your means.

Rule Number 2: Save Up and Invest Whatever Remains.

Some of us have heard of various saving options offered by banks or most of the money co-operatives we deal with. Some are using them while others just ignore them. Saving is one of the wisest things one can do. It is important to think of the future and not just today. See beyond your nose and plan for it. Look for a saving plan that you can use and start saving. As for the amount that might remain, find a way of investing it. This way, your money will grow.

Why this is important: People who save up their finances go beyond the physical realm.  They have a tendency to conserve their spiritual energy.  If you’re not aware of this, money is tangible currency of your hard work.  Save up and invest your money so you can focus on creating the best book or virtual product that you can!

Rule Number 3: Improve on Rules 1 and 2.

 It is easy for one to plan to save or minimize on you expenses. The problem comes in after a couple of months or so when most quit along the way. Make sure that you do not fall into this category; improve on your saving skills day after day. Read material that deals with these topics and talk to professionals about the best way to continually improve.

Why this is important:  When practice a habit and come in contact with like-minded individuals, you increase your spiritual vibration.  You’re one more step closer towards spiritual enlightenment.

SignatureBright Blessings,

Sometimes people stumble when trying to find their TRUTH because they have something blocking them.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Figure out what’s stopping you from achieving the following: happiness, money, love, financial stability, a stronger connection with your significant other, reaching your dreams, being the person you’ve always wanted to be and more.  ORDER a reading today.

Meli Halstead is a kickass intuitive teacher and oracle/tarot reader who helps writers get to the core of their TRUTH .  She has held several workshops to help writers get in touch with their spiritual mission and get their message out to others.  Her goal for the 2015 – 2016 year is to help 1300 writers write their book with the help of tarot/oracles.


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