Writing Snapshot: Week of July 26 – Aug 1, 2015

You might start of sluggish, but you can regain your strength.

You might start of sluggish, but you can regain your strength.

Sunday Weekly Snapshot

Maximize your Week with the Sunday Weekly Snapshot. I’m all about using tarot to give a person a sneak peek as to what the week will bring.  It allows YOU to figure out what bullets (metaphorically or even real ones) to dodge, as well as maximize the good stuff coming your way.  Granted, the tarot is not the be all end all, but coupled with your kick ass intuition and street smarts, you’ll benefit from the loads of information garnered from the cards.

This week we have Strength Reversed + King of Cups + Five of Swords

Beginning of the Week: Strength Reversed

In the beginning of the week, you’re off to a lackluster start.  It’s probably the relaxed Sunday and Manic Monday that has sapped your strength.

When it comes to your writing, you’re lacking the strength to see your project through and procrastinating. Sometimes it is easier to stay in the realm of daydreaming and only think about the things you’re going to do.  However, the real movement happens in your life when you take ACTION.

You have the strength to turn your shyness and insecurities into a LION size strength.  You’ve got this.

Midweek: King of Cups

Around Wednesday and Thursday, it’s a great time to expand your writing world by volunteering at your local hospital or community center.  The schools are a great place to make a difference as a tutor or a coach.  Everywhere we go, our paths cross with the people we were meant to meet.

The stories you learn from others can be great sources of material for your book. You might even be bold enough to sit next to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.

End of the Week: Five of Swords

The week finally wraps up as we go into Friday and Saturday.  There are some deceptive practices going on at this point.  Are you being sneaky towards others or even towards yourself?  Is there something or someone being deceptive to you?  On another note, legal issues arise as well, so it might be wise to be sure you’re on the up and up with all aspects of your life.  Now would be a good time to get your stories copyrighted and have your agent look over those fine details of your contract.

Bright Blessings,


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