Follow YOUR Dreams: Short Story Market Mondays

It’s all about knowing where to put your story (non-fiction) and that’s is what I’m here for!  This week is a time for you to Follow YOUR Dreams and make it a reality to get your story published.

Places that WANT your piece TODAY!

Places that WANT your piece TODAY!


It’s the voice in your head.  Your muse leans closer so you can hear the whispers of the story that needs to be written.  Signs flash all around you to follow your dreams.  You know you have to write the piece, but something stops you.

What could it be?




No matter the reason, now is time to park your butt in the chair and write your piece that’s been nagging at you for weeks because there are 5 marvelous places that want your story TODAY.  Be sure to click on the link, get a feel of their vibe — after all you don’t want to send your amazing, kickass piece to the wrong place, and then pitch your piece to the right people.

The following places want personal essays (see below), so be sure to dig deep and allow the raw, visceral personal experiences to make its way onto your screen.


Dame Magazine


The Awl

The Bold Italic

Bright Blessings,

SignatureSometimes people stumble when trying to find their TRUTH because they have something blocking them.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you feel that you’re slamming into a brick wall with the same lessons over and over again?  Do you ask yourself why the HELL do you sabotage your relationships with people? Why does money or love seem to be such a BIG issue for you?  Why does that perfect job seem far out of reach for you?  Learn how to work past those issues that are holding your ass back.  The roadblocks you experience might be a result from your past life.

Figure out what’s stopping you from achieving the following: happiness, money, love, financial stability, a stronger connection with your significant other, reaching your dreams, being the person you’ve always wanted to be and more.  ORDER the PAST LIFE SPREAD today. 

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