Move to your own RHYTHM

Short Story Market Monday

Move to your own RHYTHM and find your own unique path.  Each of us have something different to bring to others.  One might have the ability to sing some beautiful notes.  One might have the ability to draw amazing pictures.  One might have the ability to craft words into a beautiful story.  The list goes on.  People from all walks of life have an amazing talent that they can share with others.

Today, in my classroom, there was a student who was frustrated with an assignment.  He tried looking for a topic to do his report on and nothing interested him.  For over 30 minutes, he scoured the internet and tried in vain to find something that interested him.  I sat down with him and talked to him about why he was taking the course.  He shrugged.  I asked him why he was passionate about his career choice.  As he spoke, I jotted down a few key things that jumped out at me.  At the end of the conversation, I handed him the paper.

He told me that he was amazed at my great ideas.  I laughed because they were not my ideas.  All I did was transcribe what he shared with me onto paper.

Sometimes we are too close to our amazing talents.  We often skip a beat and forget our own unique rhythm.  It sometimes take someone else to hold a mirror to our faces and remind us of what our rhythm looks like.  When you show others their rhythm and you dance to your own beat, you can really grow into your spirit.  When your spirit expands and grows, then you can really share with others your light.

Five places that want your pieces today:

Hawkins Publishing Group 

Red Hen Press

Savant Books and Publications Inc

Sibling Rivalry Press

The Poet’s Haven

Whenever I feel like dancing to my own RHYTHM, I think of SNAP – Rhythm is a Dancer.  Since you are super awesome, here is the video:

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