4 Ways to Tap into your Inspirational Magic Within


The card of the week is The Magician.  He can teach us four different ways to tap into your inspirational magic within.


Earth: The steadfast resilience of the Earth provides you stability and nourishment.  Often times, I like to find a tree and sit underneath it. The sheer power of the tree fuels my imagination.  The tree is connected to the earth and the sky at the same time.

Questions: What are some ways you can pull from the energies of the earth to help you write your TRUTH?  How can you ground yourself to allow your imagination to soar?

Wind: The earth breathes life and allows the seeds to be carried far and wide.  The other day my son and I were playing with the dandelions.  We blew the seeds and they flew in the air.  The wind represents the element of movement.  Magic happens when the trees and plants move with the wind.  Powerful magic happens when your body moves with the wind.  I remember as a child, I would run against the wind in hopes it would lift me up and I would be able to fly.

Questions: What kind of dreams do you have that you need to toss into the wind so it can carry it a place where it can come true?

Fire: Have you ever watched a fire roar to life?  If you listen closely, it crackles and snaps as it consumes the wood.  Fire consumes everything it feeds upon, only to leave the material transformed.  Upon first glance, it’s a bunch of ash left behind, but this ash is rich in nutrients that it allows whatever receives it to grow powerful and strong.

Questions:  How can you burn with intense passion that you have nothing left, but to write your TRUTH?  How can you share your story with another that your words are like the fire and totally transforms the lives of those who read your work?

Water: Dihydrogen Monoxide provides nourishment for the spirit.  I find that the work conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto sums up the power of your words and your written TRUTH in this video.

Questions: How can you nourish the spirit of others with your written TRUTH?  Do you nourish yourself with your TRUTH?

Bright Blessings,

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