Short Story Writing Challenge #18

What kind of choices do you need to make?

What kind of choices do you need to make?

Are you up for Write a Short Story Challenge #18?  Stretch your imagination and sharpen your writing skills with this activity.  All you need is your imagination and something to record your ideas.  Before you rush off to look up the meanings of each card, challenge yourself to draw from your intuition and creative imagination.  Look at the first card and write down what you think as well as feel.  Jot down any elements that stand out to you the most.  Does a certain color stand out to you the most?  How does that color make you feel?

Once you have looked at the first card, move onto the second card.  Spend some time there and then move to the last card.  It’s okay to look at all three cards at the same time and jot down any impressions you might have.  The objective here is not to go researching what each card means to “get it right”.  The objective here is to jump-start your imagination and learn to trust your gut feelings about what you see when you’re writing a short story.

The layout could represent the following:

Past | Present | Future

Where you stand now / What you aspire to / How to get there

Situation / Action / Outcome

What comes to mind when see WIZARD OF AWARENESS, MAKING A CHOICE, and  FLYING?  Do they flow backwards?  What is the central card to you? What images stand out the most?  Why?  How do the cards make you feel?  Why are you drawn to a certain component?

There are so many creative ways to allow your story – fiction as well as non-fiction – to unfold  with these three cards present.  What would does your story look like?  What kind of experiences does your character have as s/he goes through an exciting journey?

Ideas not flowing?  No worries.  This is an excellent time to look at the cards and then take some time to meditate.  Talk to your spirit guide and allow the images from your soul to step forth.  After your meditation session, write down any images you encounter.

Happy Writing.

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