The Big Picture Saturday – 1.3.2014

The Big Picture

The weather has been quite cold so we’ve been spending our times indoors.  Cabin fever can take hold if you’re not careful, so I made sure the entire family took a trip to the local library.  The library is a magical trip in of itself.  We all pile into the car and swim in anticipation of what books await us to pluck from the metal shelves.  Such delight.

The winter time is also a time for creative writing because we can spend more time with the realms of our imagination.  When my husband has the fireplace going, the flickers of the flame lull me into a world other than my own.  I’m surrounded by the whispers of my characters to make their world a reality through the written word.  The pull overwhelms me and before I know it, I’m translating worlds that are very real in another dimension.  It’s so easy to stay in the zone at times and I mention this in my article The 3 “In the Zone” Tips for Writers.

Sometimes we get pulled out of the fantasy world and thrust into reality.  Some writers struggle, which is why I wrote 5 Tips for Rough Draft Magic and Is there such a thing as TOO much research?  Whatever your needs are, grab a nice cup of warm tea, curl up with your computer/smartphone and enjoy reading the articles you missed this week.

5 Tips for Rough Draft Magic 

Writing a rough draft does not have to be a scary moment for you at all.  I think I do enough freaking out for the whole world, so learn from me!  So, when writing a rough draft be prepared to stir in a bit of magic to take the edge off the anxiety!  Read more

Is there such a thing as TOO much research? 

It is NOT okay to use those excuses to hide the message the spirit wants you to deliver to the world.  It really isn’t. In a way, it’s a bit selfish.  You were bestowed a duty to write a story, so it is your duty to get the story out for others to grow and learn from your wisdom.  Read more

The 3 “Stay in the Zone” Tips for Writers

Remember – when you do these three things – Prepare, Prayer, and Ritual – you remain in the state of abundance mind frame.  This serves you as a writer because you want to keep that direct line of communication between you and the infinite pool of creativity open.  Read More

5 Places that want your story NOW:

When you’re looking for a place to submit your story, please read the submission guidelines and read a few of the back issues so you can get a feel if it is worth your while.

One Story – Literary Fiction.

Shimmer – Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Literary Magazines

Flash Fiction Online – Fiction

Cake Train – Literary Fiction

Tin House – Literary Fiction

Best wishes in all of your writing experiences!



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