3 Stay “In the Zone” Tips for Writers.

Learn how to “Stay in the Zone” with these three tips.

Often times in my workshop, my writers ask me how I stay “In the Zone’ and tap into the infinite pool of creativity. Many experience the “lack” of creativity due to a million and one reasons such as work, stress, pressure to get a project done, family, lack of time.  Keep in mind “lack” attracts more “lack”.  My belief is the removal of the “lack” obstacle that stops the creative flow comes down to 3 practical steps.

When I write, I get myself in the zone.  I put on some music, get myself in a trance-like state, and start writing.  During this time, I don’t look back, correct grammar, fix a sentence, correct misspellings, or step out of my “zone”.

Other times, it is hard to remain in the zone and no ideas come to me.  This can be very frustrating, so rather than not write, I turn to my oracles.  I ask my guides what my writing focus should be.  I pull a card or three, depends on how in depth I have to be.  And when I am not in the right state of mind, my oracles give me garbled layouts.  This can prove to be annoying and frustrating, so I have to get myself ready to tap into the infinite creative pool.

The 3 “Stay In the Zone” Tips are:


Prepare – On some days the creative stars align perfectly and you’re infused with the ability to pour out words onto a paper.  This is a fantastic time. It’s a cause for a celebration!  Stay in that zone for as long as you can.  Toss the time away and write your heart out.

However, on those days when you’re experiencing a blockage.  You’re staring at the cursor and just to force something you type random letters and characters: hocuhdaiuyeltdocyd ??@@@  just to fill your screen.  No worries.  I’ve been there at one time or another.

  1. Read a newspaper article, an e-zine, a book, or something just to get yourself in the mood to enter the realm of the written word.
  2. Drink an 8 oz. glass of water infused with cucumber slices or fresh squeezed lemon juice.  This purifies the aura.
  3. Once you’ve done this, take a cleansing bath/shower.  Turn out the lights and ignite some candles.  Infuse your bathwater with great smelling bath salts.  No specific kinds because smells are personal.
  4. Listen to meditative music or mediate to your favorite music.

The point of proper preparation allows your spirit to disconnect to the stress of your life.  Water and bath salts have healing properties.  In addition, your aura is cleanses and can connect with the spirit pool of creative ideas.

After you’ve done the proper preparation, you move into:


Prayer – Yep.  This is a moment between you and your God or Gods for those who are polytheistic.  Your aura is clean from the preparation activities you did earlier, so your connection will be strong.

My personal prayer activities consist of:

  • Smudging – because many spirits step in to share their stories or ideas, I have to clear the area around me so I can connect myself to the ultimate source of the divine.
  • Personal Prayer – I have three prayers in which I center myself around to solidify my spirit to receive divine messages as to what I am supposed to write.
  • Incense – I like the smell of this!  I have a bunch of different incense sticks that I use, so you can use what works well for you.

I cannot emphasize the importance of prayer.  You do not have to be a die-hard religious person who attends church three times a week to do this.  The rationale behind prayer is to connect your spirit to that of the spirit pool so you can tap into the infinite ideas that were meant for you!

Ritual – While I would like to write every single day, it is hard to do this when life is happening.  So, I carve out a set time EACH night and write.  I allow myself to prepare and to pray before I even begin my ritual.

When you’re writing, you’re conjuring. It’s a ritual, and you need to be brave and respectful and sometimes get out of the way of whatever it is that you’re inviting into the room. ~Tom Waits

Every person is different, but I like to write everything long hand.  When the ideas flow, I write, draw, use color markers, and more to stay in the zone.  Other times, when I feel nothing is coming, I use my oracle cards to get me going.

The objective here is to be consistent with your daily writing activities.  Find a ritual that works for you and stick with this.  Guard your writing time like you do with anything else that is important in your life.

Remember – when you do these three things you remain in the state of abundance mind frame.  This serves you as a writer because you want to keep that direct line of communication between you and the infinite pool of creativity open.

Best wishes in all of your writing experiences!



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