Unstuck in the Mud

To get unstuck, you must deal with the past and then move on.

To get unstuck, you must deal with the past and then move on.

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

My spirit carries me through the difficult times and guides me towards my higher self.

Central Theme of Your Writing Piece for the Day:

Experience the loss and or disappointment of your past, embrace the higher points in life, and be free from things that bind you from experiencing life to its fullest.


A Personal Experience

When I ask my writers – How many of you want to get unstuck in the mud? – many hands shoot up.  You might find yourself raising your hand as you read this.  No one likes to be stuck in any situation.  However, many of us remain tethered to the experiences of the past.  Events and/or occurrences continually color our future, whether we realize it or not.

For example:

Sally experienced a loss of a loved one and Phillip experienced a job loss.  Each of these individuals will deal with the loss in their own way.  Some prefer to push the feelings aside, and never really deal with them head on.  Others will fully step into the sadness and accept the emotion for what it is.

Most people step away from the situation before they have fully healed.  Our society places a time stamp on the grieving process.  We live in a place where experiencing short term depression is fixed with a pill.

This creates a sense of stuckness or connection to the past event and sets the tone for future behaviors.  If the issues surrounding the sadness has not been dealt with, then those issues move into the subconscious.

We can move into the present with great ease.  Life can be filled with happiness and joy.  Everyone in your family is feeling the love.  Later on, you get an encouraging letter or a new romance is on the horizon, but fear kicks in.  Self-sabotage creeps in.  Self-doubt fills your thoughts.  You have created your own prison.

Usually the solution to moving past your self-imposed prison or self-sabotage is to look to your past.  Have you dealt with your issues and made peace with your past?

Your Character —

Just as you and the people around you have a past, your character does to.

How does your character deal with loss?  What kind of disappointment has your character experienced?

Your character gets a wonderful letter in the mail from someone in their past.  How does your character react to the news?  What does this look like?

What are some ways your character sabotage their future?  Why?  What is the reasoning behind this self-sabotage? Is your character able to identify the root of their issues?

Take us through the journey:

Unstuck in the Mud Flowchart

You have two writing challenges for your intuitive connection journal today.  Read the challenges and close your eyes to connect with that snippet of time.  Allow yourself to walk through the experience and be sure to capture as much as you can with your words.

Writing Challenge #1: Reflect upon yourself.  Are there elements in the past that you ignore in the present that will affect your future in some way, shape or form?  What are those elements?  How can you deal with them?

Writing Challenge #2: About your character.  Reflect on your character.  Are there elements that your character has not dealt with completely from the past?  How is that affecting the present or even the future?

Once you’ve completed your writing challenge, set it aside.  After some days have passed, return to your work and see how you can incorporate some of what you have written into your current book.

Happy Writing.

I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who helps writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles.  She has held several workshops to help writers get their thoughts into book form.  Her goal for the 2014 – 2015 year is to help 1300 writers write their book.  She has written and published several short stories in her life time.  She also gives a voice to those who are trapped in the cruel world of human trafficking.

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