Continue to honor your Spiritual Literacy.

Spiritual Literacy Month

The month of December is winding down and it’s been a great time.  So much has happened in the realm of my spirituality.  After much soul searching and reading many spiritual literature, it’s nice to feel very grounded.  I’m blessed for all the people I have in my life — and this includes you my blog reader!

The course of spiritual growth is a fluid one, but next moth will have different spiritual focuses and I cannot wait to embark on such journey.  I’ve got some great things in store coming up for you as my motto is to share my knowledge with others.  And I will continue to absorb the knowledge of those around me.

Three spiritual takeaways for the month were:

Creating a stronger bond with my spirit guide.  For years, I’ve come in and out of this connection.  Just recently, my spirit guide gave me three tasks to work on and I’ve made the commitment.  This is a work in progress and it’s been nice to have that consistency in my life.

Helping people connect with their intuitive gifts through the use of oracles.  Each person I interact with leaves an impression on me and vice versa.  It’s such a great feeling to help a client stop out of the arena of fear and into one of confidence.  My spiritual mission has been completed for the day and then I wake up only to rinse and repeat.  Such a glorious feeling.

Letting go is important no matter how painful.  The loss of some great people in my life has really taken a toll on my spiritual health.  It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone that has been a large part of your life.  However, I realize that it is time for each person to move on with their lives because the relationship has come to an end.  This creates a space for new people to come in.  I find it kind of bittersweet.

How about you?  How are you growing spiritually? What do you do to connect with your spirit?  What kind of takeaways do you have this month?

Some great sites to visit regarding Spiritual Literacy:

Spiritual Literacy Project and check out their YouTube Channel as well.

Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences

Mindful Living Network – Building CommUNITY, Nourishing Lives

You are an amazing person.  You can do this! 


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