Oracle of the Day: Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth

Photo Credit: Meli Halstead Deck: Dragon Back Paying Cards

Photo Credit: Meli Halstead
Deck: Dragon Back Paying Cards

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

I choose my words wisely. I speak only the highest truth.

Central Theme of Your Writing Piece for the Day:

The card combination of 8 of Diamonds +  6 of Spades + 2 of Hearts = In your small gathering, watch your passionate feelings and words as they may come across as offensive or indiscreet.

Perhaps there is another way to say what you really want to say without stirring the pot?

For those of you who LOVE to stir up trouble, I hear you groaning and stomping your feet.

But why? It’s so fun to stir the pot and create a lively discussion.

There is a time and place for everything.

Writing Focus:

How many times can you count the ways you’ve put your foot in your mouth?  I know that I have done this more times than I care to think about.  The result is not pretty and usually ends up in a lot of backpedaling sprinkled with sincere apologies. However, there have been times when I’ve felt passionate about a topic and made no apologies about my beliefs.  The debates have been quite refreshing.

Often times, I will throw out a statement just because I like to get a great discussion going.  My beliefs have nothing to do with the controversial statement I’ve thrown at people.  Challenges are good.  Challenging discussions allow for growth — personally, socially, and spiritually.  Other people insert fresh ideas and offer a new perspective on an old issue.

For example, I was at a small gathering with a couple of friends and other people I just met that night.  The conversation was going rather well and laughter went all around.  We talked about events happening in our lives, our children, jobs, and what our future plans were in the upcoming weeks.

During the course of the conversation, a friend of mine mentioned his time in the US Army some of his experiences in combat.  We all listened attentively as he took us through an intense adventure he had and mentioned some of the stresses that came with a specific mission.

In the middle of his story, a young woman cut him off and said, “You’re not going to get any pity from me with whole PTSD issue.  You signed up for the military, so what did you expect?  I’m getting really tired of soldiers like you complaining about PTSD when you signed up for that kind of life.”

The room went silent.  Several combat vets stiffened, pulled themselves together, and left the room.  It was amazing that she didn’t end up in pieces.  My hat is off to those guys who maintained their composure and just left to avoid a potentially bad situation.

She went on to explain her point of view.

Those of us who did stay didn’t hear anything else she said as we were still processing her initial statement.  We all have strong opinions about certain subjects, however — WOW.

I think some of us got PTSD just being around her.

I kid because whether she was right or wrong, she felt the way she felt.  This reminds me of something Kurt Cobain said.


What are some ways you could incorporate the 8 of Diamonds | 6 of Spades | 2 of Hearts combination into your story?

I Dare You To Take Action:

Create a scene where the character says something offensive or indiscreet at a small gathering.  The twist is the character is passionate about the statement.  Your character refuses to stand down about his/her feelings and it’s causing discomfort among some of the people in the group.

  • What does your character say that is offensive?  Why?
  • Does your character listen to his/her intuition when it comes to discussing certain subjects?  Does your character heed the warnings not to discuss or toss caution to the wind?
  • What does your character do others are offended by his/her choice of discussion or words?
  • How does your character handle this? Why?

Describe this scene in a vivid way that places us in the room with your character.

Happy Writing.

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Wondering where in the world I got this amazing card? It is part of the wonderful The Bicycle Dragon Back Playing Card Deck. *I am not an affiliate in any way. I bought the card deck because they were AWESOME!*

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