Oracle of the Day: Knight of Diamonds | Four of Hearts

Expectations. Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

My gatherings are pleasant and nice.

Central Theme of Your Writing Piece for the Day:

The Knight of Diamonds comes in and joins with the Four Hearts. When they come together, they create a fun little dance of creating an air of hope at the nice pleasant gathering.

What does that mean for your character?

It can mean one of the following:

A person who has high expectations about an upcoming gathering. OR

Someone who has a hope about a possible gathering.


Someone hopes that a gathering happens and the feel is pleasant.

The interpretation depends on the desire of the person in the story.

Writing Focus:

An acquaintance of mine spent an entire year planning her wedding.  She created a three inch binder complete with categories:  the venue, decorations, bridesmaids dress swatches, her dress, different pictures of shoes, what the groom was going to wear along with his best men, photographs of five different churches in the area, the reception hall, and a variety of other items important in a wedding.

Her day was going to be purrrrfect.  At least she hoped.  She made sure she dotted her “I’s” and crossed her “t’s”.

The wedding was beautiful.  Everything went according to plan.  The guests had a pleasant time and we all moved to the reception hall across town.  One major task down and one more to go.


When we all got to the reception hall, confusion set in.  People poured in and took seats wherever they found them.  The immediate family of the bride did not have a place to sit as all the tables close to the bride and groom table were filled.  Someone forgot to create name places on the tables so no one knew where they should sit.  The groom’s family made snide remarks to the bride’s family.  Grudges were formed.

To this day the bride and groom’s family do not speak to each other — each group still feels slighted about what happened.  The wedding took place 5 years ago.  In my opinion, one day is too long to hold a grudge.  Life is short.

What kind of gathering does your character have high hopes for?  What is this gathering for?  What does this gathering look like?

I Dare You To Take Action:

Close your eyes and take in a deep breath.  Imagine your character preparing for a nice gathering and clings onto the hope that all will go well.  Be able to see the venue, the people, and reach out into the ether to pluck out the feeling of the surroundings.  What is your character hoping for?  What is the purpose of this nice gathering?  What is the glitch in the happiness matrix?

Allow yourself to be immersed in the other world of your character.  Feel what your character feels.  See what your character sees. Hear what your character hears.  When you come out of your meditation.  Write down your findings.

Happy Writing.

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