Oracle of the Day: Ace of Hearts | Eight of Diamonds

Attitude | Festive Atmosphere. Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Attitude | Festive Atmosphere.
Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

The world around me is a festive place in which I readily embrace.

Central Theme of Your Writing Piece for the Day:

The Ace of Hearts reflect the emotional aspect of the person.  Certain factors come into play such as:

  • How stable is the person?
  • Does the person feel things deeply?
  • Where is the person emotionally?

The Eight of Diamonds predict a festive atmosphere.  In this instance it could mean:

  • A small gathering
  • A party
  • A celebration of some sort

Combine these two cards and what does that mean for your character?

Writing Focus:

Just recently, I was at a pleasant gathering after a friend of the family just got married.  The celebration continued at the Kauffman Center.  Quite a bit of people attended the reception.  Classical music played in the background as the partygoers engaged in conversation.  The event was a festive one and at the end of the night, two individuals really stood out to me.

The first person that stood out was the individual who floated around the party with a grand smile on his face.  He had a glimmer in his eye when he made contact with you.  His radiating positivity made him an absolute joy to converse with.  His amazing vibes and positive attitude was infectious!  I found myself swelling with happiness.  He was having a good time and took the time to embrace this milestone in this couple’s life.

The second person that stood out to me was the brooding gentleman.  He smelled like liquid courage and continued to fuel it with the two glasses in his hands.  To each their own.  His mission was to educate people that marriage was an archaic institution.  If a person truly loved the other, then that was enough to sustain the relationship.  Who needed a piece of paper?  Weddings were commercialized and took away from what it meant to be together.  During this time, he refilled his drink two more times and helped himself to a whole tray of finger snacks.


I Dare You To Take Action:

Each person behaves differently in the same setting, for instance the wedding reception I attended.  During the night, I met many different personalities, but those two gentlemen stood out the most to me.  Take a moment to think about yourself — what would be your frame of mind at this event?  Would you be happy, sad, delighted, or irritated?  Why?

Imagine your character behaving like the first gentleman.  What would he be wearing?  How would he come across?  Why would he be excited about this event?  Why?

Imagine your character behaving like the second gentleman.  Why would he behave this way?  What is his story?  How does his attitudes affect those around him?  Why?

Take this time to delve into the back story of each character and discover why they do what they do.  Then show your readers what that looks like.

For your own WIP (work in progress) – Is there an event where people that attend are typically happy?  What happens if you throw in a person who is less than thrilled?  How does this change the course of your story.

Happy Writing.


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