Oracle of the Day: 7 of Wands

You have the strength! Photo credit: Meli Halstead

You have the strength!
Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

I have the advantage over my competition.  I overcome adversity easily.

Central theme of your writing piece for the day:

7 of Wands gives me the warm fuzzies.  The number 7 foretells of your inner strength and stamina.  Yep!  You have the amazing ability to stand your ground and overcome adversity.

The guy holding the wand has an advantage over his competition.  He stands above them and can determine if he wants to retreat or stand his ground.  He can strike at any time.  The wands he’s up against might be some sort of competition in a personal or business matter.  Or it might mean that you feel like you have an adversary.

Now is a great time to stand your ground if competition is in the air.  Center yourself and allow your inner strength/intuition to guide you in the right direction.  Sometimes the best way to handle your competition is to stand back and take no action.  Other times, it’s appropriate to put people in their places.

Listen to your spirit and you will be guided in the right direction.

Writing Focus:

Do you have your eye on a possible contest?  How about your dream publishing house?  Are you trying to find a home for your writing?

Seven of Wands swings things in your favor.  Your hard work can and will pay off.  You will have the strength to withstand your competition.

Sure, there are dozens of people submitting their stories to the same publishing house you’re submitting your work to.  Or even perhaps, the agent you really want has been swamped with submissions.  The silver lining in this is — you’ve worked hard on your piece and it’s ready to go.

If you’re still uncertain, withdraw in and allow your inner spirit to guide you. Ask your gut questions and sit silently to listen to the answers.

Also, if there is someone who is causing you some stress in your life.  Maybe there is a person who is against your writing or talks trash.  You have the inner strength to continue writing and listen to your soul whisper the story you were meant to write.

Seven of Wands indicates you can stand up to your inner critic and move forth with your work.

I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:

Close your eyes and take in a deep breath.  Imagine yourself sitting in a field with pretty green grass around you. Tall, strong trees keep watch over you.  Take in a deep breath and soak up the refreshing energy of the earth.  Allow yourself to be recharged and restored.  Any energy that was lost during the week, you find yourself getting stronger.

With your newfound strength, you visualize yourself with a large wand in your hand.  You are staring down your adversary.  You have the strength within you to do this.  What do you say to your competition?  What are some ways you can continue to believe in yourself and stand up for what’s right for you?

Envision yourself saying these powerful things to your opponents.  Envision yourself as a strong person who stands up for themselves.

I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

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Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who helps writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles.  She has held several workshops to help writers get their thoughts into book form.  Her goal for the 2014 – 2015 year is to help 1300 writers write their book.  She has written and published several short stories in her life time.  She also gives a voice to those who are trapped in the cruel world of human trafficking.

Wondering where in the world I got this amazing card? It is part of the wonderful Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. *I am not an affiliate in any way. I bought the card deck because they were AWESOME!*

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