Oracle of the Day:The Shadow Queen (R)

Embrace your shadow side.   Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Embrace your shadow side.
Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

I am open to acquiring new knowledge about my shadow side to help my spirit grow.

Central theme of your writing piece for the day:

The Shadow Queen Reversed indicates that we all need to address our character flaws.  We all know what they are.  If you don’t then, ask those closest to you what yours might be.  Know that no matter what kind of experiences we have in life, they are there for one reason: to add dimensionality to our lives.

Writing Focus:

Addressing your flaws is difficult to do.  We live in a society where spectacular people are revered.  The pressure to be phenomenal, amazing, outstanding, and more consumes our daily lives.  I had  a student who spent most of her time trying to get people to notice her and agree with how amazing she thought she was.  As a teacher, I thought she had a specific set of talents, but all of my students had something very unique about them.

This particular student had a character flaw of lightly bullying people into letting her know how amazing she was.  She would get loud in class if she felt the spot light was no longer on her.  The list of attention getting tactics ran as long as my arm.  I knew her attention grabbing tactics was nothing more than insecurity.  My other students grew annoyed, so I stepped in and had a small discussion with her in private.  After a while, she revealed to me that a few years ago, another teacher, told her that she was never going to amount to anything. This caused some severe esteem issues.

I didn’t know the other side of the story as to why the teacher might have said that, but what mattered here is past words can create character flaws.  So it’s important to address your character flaws with tender loving care. They didn’t materialize out of thin air.  Reasons usually exist.

The Shadow Queen Reversed encourages you to take a hard look at yourself and address the flaws you have.  Are they imposing on others?  Do you resort to manipulative tricks to get others to do your bidding?  Do you act as a martyr to get people to do what you want?

I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:

Take stock of who you are and what kind of experiences you have had throughout your life.  You may want to reflect on one snippet of your life or larger sections. In the case of the student, rather than tell her to “buck up and straighten herself out”, we created a workable plan for her to tone down her bullying ways.  What we did was write down the things she did not like about herself and we created solutions to turn those negatives into positives. She felt better afterwards.

Each experience you’ve had, take a moment to write down what that specific experience was.  Next to that experience, write down the lesson that needed to be learned.

Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Photo credit: Meli Halstead



The reason behind this activity is when you get to know yourself better, you can get to know your characters better.  Once you have done this activity, create one for each main character in your book.  This allows you to flesh out your characters and insert snippets of their past, which eventually gives the reader an entire picture of why your character does what s/he does.

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