Oracle of the Day: Nephthys

A time to retreat. Photo credit: Meli Halstead

A time to retreat.
Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Positive Affirmation of the Day:

I make friends with the shadow side of my personality.

Central Theme of Your Writing Piece for the Day:

Nephthys has the healing power of grief.  She stands over you during your time of death to ensure you are protected after death. Death can be literal or metaphorical.

A time to mourn….

Grief is a part of life.  For some characters it is a large part of their life and other characters experience grief for a short while.  No matter what the time frame, we all experience it at one point or another.  We all grieve for different things.  A loss of a pet.  A parent. A job.  A house. Your favorite marble. Your spouse went off and found someone else. You used to be a superstar and now you’re not.

Grief hurts.  Grief is not really fun.  Prolonged grief can cause long term depression.  At this point, a professional is recommended.

I was a volunteer orientation this past weekend.  The place indicated a need for volunteers in many different areas of the hospital.  One of high need areas for volunteers was the bereavement program.  Granted, it’s hard to watch a person walk out of this life and into their new one.  What’s even harder is to stay and comfort the living.

The bereavement program is 13 months long because there are different stages of grief.  Not everyone moves through these different stages at the same time.  I found it oddly comforting that the volunteers take on the role of Nephthys – guardians over those who are grieving and helping those people retreat into a safe place so they can heal.

A time to retreat…

Often times we don’t allow ourselves moment of solitude or quiet reflection.  There are many distractions and it makes it hard to hear the spirit speak to us.  Nephthys encourages us to step outside of the noise around us and go to a place where we can actually hear our thoughts. Retreats allows us to connect with other people on a more genuine level as we are lead by our intuition.  We can also begin to create and rediscover long forgotten aspects of ourselves.

Perhaps during those long hours at work, the inner artist went dormant.  Retreats allow that inner artist to emerge full force once more, thus resulting in a more balanced life.

Writing Focus:

Nephthys encourages people to get in touch with their shadow side by taking a break to recharge their batteries.  We all have a shadow side and we all need to take a break from life sometimes.  What do you do when you need to “get away from it all”?

I know that between two jobs, husband, two teenagers and a toddler, along with a cat and a dog — I need some quiet time.  If I don’t then it’s hard for me to be a good person to those around me.  We all have ways that we can go on mini retreats to recharge our batteries so our spirit does not die.

I have a friend that likes to sit by the Mississippi River and watch the tugboats go by.  Another friend of mine likes to go on long hikes into the wilderness.  I like to listen to music and sit on the front porch to watch the people go by.  What about you? Where is that place for you?

Your character. 

Your character has developed nicely and is able to juggle it all, however your character needs to get away from it all. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert captures the experience of wanting to get away from it all after she goes through a divorce.  In book, she chronicles her experiences around the world – alone.  Another story comes to mind – Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes.  Her life unravels in one town and she decides to move around the world where she ends up restoring an abandoned villa.

Is your character needing to take a break from something?  What is it?

What about a loss?  Is your character is grieving over something.  Why?  Did your character lose a close friend?  Or something else?  Show us what that looks like for your character.

Is your character the one who has died and is seeking revenge from the grave? Does your character need a Nephthys in his/her afterlife so they can continue with their spiritual evolution rather than sticking around here and exacting revenge on people?

Is your character rushing into something, but what is really needed is time to think things through?  Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

Comb through your rough draft and see if Nephthys could be infused somewhere.

I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that are personal.  Jot down some of your personal experiences with grief.  What did that feel like for you?  What about the time when you had to step back from the chaos of your life and retreat to a place of silence?  What would your chaotic life look like if you could step away from it?  What if you could travel the world like the ladies did in Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Love Pray?

If you haven’t had any experience with grief — not enough to really make the emotions stick to your pages — then visit a bereavement support group and ask folks to share their story.  This process is twofold: you help them through their grieving process and you get some experiences.  Please let them know what your intentions are upfront.  It’s not cool to go under the guise of deception.  Just let the know that you’re a writer looking to chat with folks about their experiences and if they wouldn’t mind sharing.

Resources to help you on your writing journey:

Coping with Grief and Loss: Understanding the Grieving Process 

Seeing your Shadow-self 

Grief Loss Recovery: Hope and Health Through Creative Grieving 

I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

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